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Star Queen Goddess Conference
Wellness Sanctuary 2021

Bliss Magdalena and Ruth Cato, pillars of the Star Queen Goddess Conference Wellness Sanctuary welcome you to our Healing Temple and Oracular Ompahlos for 2021! 

We are happy to offer a broad range of Online Healers and Therapists as well as Oracle Readers, please see the links to choose your session and book with the expert practitioners you feel most drawn to work with on your journey during the months of July and August this year.

The In Person Wellness Sanctuary is happening in local practitioner’s treatment rooms during the 6 days of the Online Conference 26 July to 1st August, and also on the field during the one day Celebration event on 31st August. Please find details of the in person practitioners here you may wish to receive from, with contact information to book in with them in a therapy room or first come first served in the field at the Celebration event.


During this difficult year we have all needed support and a space for guided intuition and healing more than ever, our aim is to make available to our Star Queen Goddess Conference Community the best possible therapeutic support and oracularly guidance at accessible cost to ensure everyone is able to find the help they need at this challenging time in the world, whether online or in person.

IN PERSON Healing Temple

Practitioners working from home in Glastonbury:

ON SITE Healing Area & Oracle Practitioners
for Celebration Day 31st July:

Starflower Ceremony 

by Tess Joyce

You are invited to an elven ceremony at the Avalon Priory, an old house with a chapel where Katherine Maltwood

brought through the Glastonbury Zodiac map.  Remember your starlight essence – your nondual self, in this meditation and blessing.  We will offer this sacred starseed blessing to our soul, the nature spirits and to the land.  The meditation and ceremony are inspired by received wisdom from the elves, whom Tess is connected with, along with words written by Tolkien regarding the elven ritual of Enderi.  After the ceremony, we will spend some time in the gardens connecting with the land and elemental beings and collecting herbs for a tea and meditation.  

Where: Avalon Priory, 3 Bath Rd, Bridgwater TA7 9AH

When: 17 th  July 2021

What: Starflower Ceremony 

Times: 3 hours 

How to contact you to book: tess@waterofawakening.com  or by phone (07902 757390) 

Cost: £60 (please contact me if you would like a discount.)

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