Wednesday 31 July


Wednesday 31 July

Her Healing Water


Location: Town Hall

Location: Town Hall

Location: Town Hall

Talk: The Voices of the Wells – Well Maiden and Water

In the 13th-century poem The Elucidation, we are introduced to the Well Maidens. They would give freely of their sacred waters and food to those who passed by. These beautiful maiden are more than they seem! They are Water Nymphs, the spirits of the springs, oracles, and the voices of the wells. In this talk, you will be introduced to these Watery Women, and learn how their story parallels our approach to water in the modern day. We will seek their wisdom and pull from their story to learn how to navigate a world full of polluted and stolen water and what we can do to restore the wasteland.

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Location: Town Hall

Talk: Healing Heritage: The Lady of the Lake and the Physicians of Myddfai

Journey into the enchanted realms of Welsh folklore as we explore the mystical tapestry woven by the Meddygon Myddfai, the esteemed Physicians of Myddfai. Descendants of the legendary Lady of the Lake of Llyn y Fan Fach, this 500-year lineage of renowned Welsh court physicians and their world-famous herbal formulary beckons us into a world where magic, healing, and heritage intertwine.

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Location: Town Hall

Talk: Human Henge – prehistoric landscape healing

Was Stonehenge originally a place of healing?  Can walking the land, connecting with ancestors, spirit, the cosmos and each other, help mental health and wellbeing? Yvette Staelens shares her facilitation of an innovative approach in the Stonehenge and Avebury landscape developed by Bournemouth University and the Restoration Trust.

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Location: Town Hall

Talk: Dion Fortune: Keeper of the Glastonbury Grail

When Dion Fortune came to Glastonbury around 1920, she experienced visions of the great spiritual force that fuels this sacred landscape as a constant downpouring of transcendent light, flowing unceasingly from a crystal chalice high above the Tor. As part of her magical order, the Community of the Inner Light, she founded the ‘Church of the Graal’ patterned on her belief in an ‘ancient Keltic Church’ that originated in Glastonbury and which, although no longer present in the physical world, is ‘eternal in the heavens.’ It was designed for seekers to follow ‘the Way of the Graal’ as a spiritual quest.

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Location: Town Hall

Talk: The Lineage of the Priestess Healer

Through time women have been healers, working in their communities and families.  Angie Twydall shares her passion for women who were pioneers, and carried on despite religious and political pressures.  We will reflect on the timeless strength and resilience of women throughout herstory. From ancient times, women have been the healers, nurturing their communities and families with boundless love and compassion.

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Location: Town Hall

Performance: Anneli Lähdetär is a Finnish-American musician and Priestess of Goddess now living in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, who loves sharing the sacred potential of music.  Over the years, she has performed different genres of music that she brings into her singing, including classical madrigals, Bulgarian and Slavic folk music, and American indie rock.  Anneli now writes devotional music for Goddess in her free time and released her first album, Chalice of Avalon, in 2021.  She sings and plays different instruments as part of this work, including an ethereal Finnish plucked zither called a kantele.



Location: different locations around town depending on your Well Circle

Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: In this workshop, I’ll be guiding you through a deeply transpersonal process through the four stages of healing, working with Hecate (Mother of Loss), Lilith (Mother of Solitude), Brigit (Mother of Healing) and Kuan Yin (Mother of Compassion) from my Healing Womb art installation. 

Using transpersonal techniques such as guided journeys, creative expression and ritual, I will be drawing on the myths, archetypal and elemental energies of these four goddesses, to guide you on your journey through the four stages of healing. 

Earth – surrendering your wounding, loss and grief.
Air – harnessing your inner warrior as you journey alone through the wilderness.
Fire – alchemising your shadow wounding into your light of gnosis.
Water – returning to a place of compassion for yourself and others, sharing your gnosis in the world. 

During this workshop, I’ll be weaving in stories from my own healing journey from childhood trauma, suicidal depression, addiction and mothering three children, two of whom were born with life-threatening syndromes, whom I’ve nursed through twenty operations, as well as my professional experience working as a healer and transpersonal therapist since 2006.

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Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: “From Kore to Perseophone” A Psycho-Mythological Journey

We will meet to shed light on what is hidden within a story that moves from being a little girl into a Goddess. A dream reminds itself again and again until it is understood, in a myth it is passed down over and over again through the generations until it comes to consciousness in the same way.

So all of these stories live in our bones, breathe within us, but how well do we know them? We meet to hear the call for similar motifs to appear again and again in different stories in many cultures.

This workshop will involve a detailed analysis and integration of a myth.

Our main topics in our journey are as follows;

  • Deep analysis of the symbolic narrative of the Persephone myth,
  • A view of Persephone from Jung’s concept of typology,
  • Explaining the Journey of Individuation that begins by separating from the Mother,
  • With the psychological analysis of the descent into the underworld,
  • A Meditative Journey for the integration of all these transfers

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Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: Restoring the Wasteland – Soul Healing and Spiritual Transformation through the Avalonian Mysteries

Renowned in legend and lore as a paradisiacal Island of Healing, Avalon continues to possess the power to uplift, empower, and transform. Drawing upon the rich heritage of Celtic British mythology and the rhythms of the natural world that turn within and around us, we will explore the Avalonian Cycle of Healing — a paradigm of inner transformation found at the heart of the apple and encoded in the initiatory symbolism of the Otherworldly Cauldron. Discover how to reclaim the quest for the Holy Vessel of wisdom, abundance, and rebirth, and to drink deeply from its depths so that we may enliven our inner landscapes with its healing power.

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Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: Sooner or later in life we all face transitions from physical to emotional and psychological issues such as loss of job, leaving a relationship, moving, tiredness, illness, dealing with depression, saying goodbye to a loved one who passed away or we simply have to deal with dreams and paths that were cut off and didn’t materialise and ended in disenchanted hopes.

How we deal with these incidents varies from situation to situation and is, of course, also a matter of type. Some people work things out with themselves, some talk to friends, others go to therapy. In our individualised world, we experience it less and less to meet our shadows within a community.

In this workshop, you are invited to embark on a profound journey and connect with Goddess Diana in her healing archetype. Using a guided approach, you will enter a secure and nurturing space where you will have the chance to receive the blessings of Goddess. These blessings will be shared within the community, providing a platform for us to reveal our hidden vulnerabilities, find mutual support, and cultivate feelings of affection, empathy, and compassion.

The encounter with the healing aspect of the Goddess Diana aims to help you recognize individual experiences, relate to them, and collectively experience healing within the community. This workshop offers an opportunity for personal transformation and a connection with the divine feminine energy of Diana.

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Workshop: The Medicine of the Well of Venom

Embark on a transformative journey with Karin Persons during this workshop, coinciding with the impactful period of Chiron retrograde in Aries. 

This experience invites you to delve deep into the realms of healing, with a particular focus on Chiron, the wounded healer, who symbolizes not only your core wounds but also your potential for overcoming them.

At the heart of our exploration lies the Well of Venom, beckoning you to confront and heal from toxic thoughts, emotions, and patterns associated with your wounded healer-self. 

The workshop is crafted with myth, esoteric soul healing practices and transpersonal journeying in a sacred space to immerse yourself in the healing essence of the Well. 

Join me in this empowering workshop to embrace the healing potential within.

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Workshop: The Ogham Workshop

In this workshop, Nikki will introduce the Ogham covering both it’s traditional roots and applications, as well as the more modern interpretations and uses. We will participate in a mindful and informative walk across the land to ceremonially collect an Ogham stick (aka Ogham Few) before heading back inside, to mark and create a pendant from it, which we will charge and make sacred together.

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Workshop: Healing the Sister Wound – a somatic approach

Growing up in a culture where women are pitted against each other, the Sister Wound manifests as a feeling of distrust, competition, and unease between women. This rupture can be traced right back to the witch trials, when women were forced to abandon the practices that connected them to the natural world and each other. 

Healing the Sister Wound is actually a remembering of what has been lost and forgotten. Healing this split starts first with re-connecting to the body and reclaiming the lived experience of the visceral. 

In this workshop, we will begin to uncover the Sister Wound. Through self-inquiry and somatic exploration, participants are invited to reclaim what has been lost. We will come together as women, connect to our bodies, hear each other’s stories, and begin the journey of feeling what has been suppressed for many years. This is how we heal the Sister Wound, sending the ripples back through the generations. 

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Workshop: Rite of Idunn Sound Journey

Rite of Idunn, a ceremony of sound healing, meditation, and movement to discover and embody our inner healer. Idunn, Norse Goddess of Healing and Rejuvenation, holds the Golden Apple of Wisdom and Immortality at Her bosom. She brings to us the fresh and courageous energy of the Maiden. The One who is unafraid and unabashedly steps forward to learn, love, and heal within life. Idunn brings the knowing that through the continuation of learning, opening our hearts, and expanding our minds, our souls remain ever young. Through the movement, guided meditation, and the healing frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls, we will connect with and flow with the energies of the Healer and the Maiden.Rite of Idunn Meditation & Sound Journey.

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Workshop: Soul Healing through Sound and Song with Priestess of Avalon Sally Pullinger

Together we will invite the Presence of Goddess into each of us, and listen for the Sound She creates inside our being where we are One with Her. Sometimes we need to create some space for Goddess Presence within us, sometimes we have to clear something old, painful, obstructive, before we can fully feel Her Presence, hear Her as Sound or Melody or Rhythm, or even feel Her as Movement and physical sensations.

The Sound and Song that heals comes from within our own being, the healing energy comes from our deep soul connection with Goddess within, though often the trigger for our Soul Song to rise within us can come from the outside, from someone else’s Soul-connected Song or Sound.

We will create a strong field of love, inspiration, and soul power in our gathering together, and each one will be supported and encouraged to express, not necessarily initially in song, but just to find all that is resonating within your heart, and start to open up and allow its expression in sound.

We will sing some songs together in between going deep to listen and bring forth each one’s authentic voice and sound. If you already have a healing song or chant you would love to share and sing with the group, that would also be a wonderful gift to bring. Sally will bring some of her healing songs to share and sing together.

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Location: Chalice Well & White Spring


This evening, we will enter the Chalice Well Gardens as well as the White Spring to immerse ourselves in the healing energy of the sacred waters of Avalon. During the evening you will be able to receive the healing gifts of the Priest/esxes and connect more deeply with the Goddess of Healing through Her waters.

Please NOTE

All information is subject to change as the organisers see fit or circumstances dictate.