08:00 - 08:30

Morning Practice: Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

  • Karan Troubadoura  

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Tribal Star Queen in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning and chanting from the heart,including chants created especially for this year’s Goddess Conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they "can't sing" but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!

08:30 - 09:30

Yoga by Donna Gerrard

09:30 - 09:50

Opening and Daily practices

28th Jul : MORNING 20-45 mins pre-recorded talks
Always Available -

Gogo (Grandmother) Makhosi Nomzimane Dlamini

  • Gogo (Grandmother) Makhosi Nomzimane Dlamini  

Always Available -

Brooke Medicine Eagle

  • Brooke Medicine Eagle  

Always Available -

In A Chariot Drawn by Lions – Celebrating the Work of Asphodel Long

  • Bliss (Elizabeth) Russell  

Sharing the insights and hidden treasures discovered during Bliss’s work with the South West Feminist Archive, based at the University of Bristol. cataloguing the archive collection of Asphodel, considered by many to be one of the Queen Mothers in the lineage of the modern Goddess Movement. Initiating the first university level course in Female Aspects of Deity, Asphodel’s work was ground-breaking for Goddess Scholarship in the United Kingdom. This talk will bring snippets from her unpublished inspired magical work Membranes of the Soul  - which explores the themes of Lilith as ancient Dark Goddess and Queen of the Night - into the wider awareness of the present day global Goddess community for scholars, priestesses and priests alike.

Always Available -

Pathways of Sovereignty

  • Marion Brigantia Van Eupen  

Marion will share with you how she learned how to walk her talk, by walking the pathways of Brighde-Brigantia.

Always Available -

Goddess Asteroids

  • Georgina Sirret-Armstrong-Smith  

Karmic astrologer and Priestess of Avalon, Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith talks and presents the feminine asteroids. Planets are mostly patriarchal , as all but the Moon and Venus are male planets in your chart. Does this give a fair balance of your chart? I believe not. I have been reading karmic astrology for over 30 years and teach it all over the world. By looking at the feminine Asteroids, you will see how they balance the gender and discover bad/good parenting, home, betrayal, love, security and wisdom. Insights to Ceres, Athena, Medusa, Sedna, Artimist and Lilith will give clearer understanding to your chart and destiny. The only question is....where are your asteroids in your chart?

Always Available -

Temple Dance Along by Demelza Fox

  • Demelza Fox  

Enchantress Dance A temple dance in honour of Morgan le Fay, the Queen of Avalon and the power of the regal Divine Feminine by Demelza Fox, international fusion belly dance artist.

12:30 - 13:15

Tribal Circles

13:15 - 14:30

Lunch Break

28th Jul : AFTERNOON 2.5 hours Workshops

Venus - Bright Queen of Heaven

  • Annabel Du Boulay  

Named ‘Bright Queen of Heaven’ by the Babylonians in 1600BC, the planet Venus, the third brightest object in the sky at maximum elongation after the Sun and Moon, is also known as the Morning and Evening Star. The 8 Year Cycle of Venus inspired not only the Rose Lineage mythos as far back as Ancient Mesopotamia in 3500BC, with the Myth of the Descent of Inanna and her rebirth as Queen of Heaven being founded on its 19-month synodic period of 7 waning moon and 7 waxing moon conjunctions, but archaeological evidence also reveals that the Cycle of Venus was followed by the Neolithic and Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland. In this workshop, we’ll be journeying with the Rose-Celtic mythos and Venus as ‘Bright Queen of Heaven’ through guided visualisation, creative expression and ritual, to reclaim our power as Queen and to gain clarity around our role as a Leader of the New Earth. Please bring a blanket or shawl to lie on and a journal if you have one.


Pathways of Sovereignty

  • Marion Brigantia Van Eupen  

Taking you out on the land of Avalon, you will explore how to work with different aspects of sovereignty whilst connecting with the land and nature.


Blessings of the Queen of Heaven

  • Bliss (Elizabeth) Russell  

Connecting with the power and sovereignty of Ishtar / Inanna and discovering the fierceness that comes with owning our sacred authority in service to Goddess. In this workshop we will work with the original Temple Hymns of Enhuduanna, High Priestess of the Temple of Inanna of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia, inviting all Priests and Priestesses to claim our holy right of knowledge, authority and guardianship of the inner temple, and setting intention to expand our influence to the wider world in sacred leadership, co-operation and appreciation of our link to this lineage of ancient Star Queen Priestesses. Enhuduanna is the first known author in written history, composing an anthology of sacred poetry and songs encoded with precise astronomical calculus, political discourse, mythologic exegesis and heartfelt reflections, entwined in immersive invocations to Goddess. There is much to inspire those embodying priestess archetypes in this present time, through Enheduanna’s life and writings.


Silva Rawnsley - dance workshop

17:00 -


28th Jul : Evening
19:30 -


  • SALLY PULLINGER   Lilavati   Yvette Staelens