Blossoming in Her Embrace


Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Earth Mother in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning and chanting from the heart, including chants created especially for this year’s Goddess Conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they “can’t sing” but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!


– through my London east end beginnings and the chauvinist society of those times – to running wild as a nature boy in Epping Forest – the deep influences of my countryman father, and particularly my indomitable powerful mother  – trying to fit into what was a deeply materialistic world -then   finding organised paganism, finding my shamanistic self -working with the Goddess’s creatures, developing my skills in the natural world , to at last the wisdom of realising I had been part of Her all along. I will take a  realistic look at the natural world, the power of her natural systems, and why our ‘consumer’  society is impossible for our planet to support – and what we can do at this – admittedly late hour – to redress the balance and care for our world and our Mother, and in doing so save ourselves.


When we say Earth Mother, we should talk about the eternal source of life and fertility. For this, we must turn our view to ‘Anatolian’ lands that hold a mosaic of civilizations of 12,000 years. This cultural evolution that started from the pre-Neolithic period to the present, started its first important breakthrough in Çatalhöyük, near Konya. It is in this land that we can find the first seeds of the Mother Goddess, known as the first in Anatolia and in the world. These seeds whisper many themes to us, touching the feminine with us, allowing us to return to our nature. So it’s time to find and remember Earth Mother in the tracks of Kybele. Thus, while we find the unity of the land and Goddess in Kybele, we will find Artemis of Anatolia, one of the most powerful representatives of the Earth Mother Goddess cult. While ‘Mavi’nin Sesi’ (Gülçin Önel) includes all the feature of Anatolian Artemis in this presentation, which is quite different from the Greek cult, she will touch upon the importance of the remembrance of the Goddess Archetypes that we carry within us, even if we are not in their lands. At the same time, while Voice of Blue shares visuals on the Goddesses and conveys the contents of the symbols, she will talk about Anatolia’s connection with Earth Mother, which is full of the blessings of the Mother Goddess cult. At the end of the presentation there will be a short meditative journey for us to feel this powerful Earth Mother within us.


Matronae, Matres, the Mothers – three Goddesses who were loved by Germanic and Celtic tribes as well as the Romans, their cult building a bridge between these cultures. Numerous votive statues, altars and inscriptions were dedicated to them, mostly on the continent, but also as far north as on the Hadrian‘s wall. Offerings of fruit and grain are still made today in the ruins of their temples. Scientific research teaches us about how the Matronae were venerated by our ancestors, and prayerful intuition can reveal what they may mean to us today.


Earth Mother Goddess is the great bearer of gifts to all the beings that live upon Her. Gifting is Her very essence! Ancient Goddess loving peoples very likely lived a form of this, in gift based Goddess cultures. In this interactive presentation, Sadhu will invite you to tune into gift based culture as our natural, human, healthy life frequency, and to examine the veils of distortion around the giving & receiving of gifts, that live within us, both personally, and collectively. Join Sadhu in feeling our Abundant Mother Of Gifts and Her great bestowing power, that seeks to fill all beings with the courage to meet life! She who is the great encourageress of all life!


A spoken word offering in honour of the exquisite beauty and wilderness of Mother Earth, Nature and the Divine Feminine within all things. Gabrielle’s poetry is a lyrical expression of love for the planet and a deep call for elemental connection in these times of change.


In service to our great Mother is my life’s work, moving through grassroots Movements and always with Her hand and heart guiding me to the winning side. I would like to guide you; her strong warriors, healers, truth speakers and wise seers into an initiation of collective action and our vital role for Her future.

ELLA HARARI: Finding Goddess in Africa

For the tribes women in Africa, Goddess is in the earth. She is under their feet as they dance, and she is in their bond to each other- women together. Their powerful inner knowledge of HER is so beautifully and simply apparent, it hardly needs words. The time I have been fortunate to spend with these wonderful earth rooted women, over 20 years ago, awakened in me the memory of HER and set me on my path in the service of Goddess for yet another life time. I will be sharing this life changing experience. There I’ve learned about the power of the tribe and went on to discover what that word could mean in our western way of life. There I’ve lived Sisterhood for the first time in my life, and went on creating it back home in countless women’s circles. I’m proud to share with you the wisdom of the tribes women all the way from Mama Africa



Come and spend some time on the land in the loving arms of Earth mother.  We are all connected through the beautiful web of life. The animals, the trees, the spirits of the Land. We are all her children and we can communicate. Through guided journey and exercise in a Norse shamanic way, you will be aware of your ability to connect and communicate with all that has life.


Join ‘Daughters of Gaia’, and the UK’s favourite Wise Women, to awaken your soul’s knowing, reclaim your inner wisdom and step forward fearlessly into your destiny through ceremony chants and trans-drumming. You will be invited to take part in a powerful arrow breaking ceremony to remove fears and phobias, to bring about peace and balance. Then journey with the power of the drum to your sacred inner space for transformation, and re-connect with the primal heartbeat and emotions of Mother Earth. A formidable and friendly team, Barbara and Flavia conduct many truly transformational goddess healing ceremonies throughout the world, and invite you to awaken to the magic of the Old Ways.


Stories make up the fabric of our universe, they are present in every culture throughout history and across the world. The cultural and societal stories that we currently know and live within are so toxic that they are allowing us to kill our beautiful planet. This storytelling workshop will be a chance to connect to the Earth Mother goddess and explore ways in which we can work as sacred storytellers to re-member and tell her stories through both written and spoken expression. It will also aim to look at the many different forms that storytelling can take and where inspiration comes from. It will be an exploration of the new stories, both personal and cultural that we can, and should be telling to bring the change that we so desperately need as nature protecting itself.


Hidden within all women, microscopic treasures sing a genetic melody that links us, womb to womb to womb, through thousands of generations back to one woman, a mother, known as “Mitochondrial Eve.” Originally called “Lucky Mother,” as the sole Ancestress of all humans living now, in her time she was unknowingly the Earth Mother Goddess incarnate. Her powerful legacy continues today in the precious pearls of wisdom inherited on a cellular level by each of us through the blood and birthing waters of our sacred female ancestors.

In this workshop, Cairelle will lead a collective journey into the land of divine female genealogy. We will explore the basics of mitochondrial DNA with illustrative handouts and discussion, and also learn where and how to discover the particulars of our individual maternal lineage. Drum-led meditation will introduce us to the mitochondrial Blood Mothers, those ancient women who travelled Earth through the millennia, bringing forth a magnificent rainbow of daughters whose matrilineal blood songs still flow within us all. We will close with a ceremony to honor all Mother lineages and when we depart, each woman will carry the reawakened knowledge to manifest and maintain a meaningful connection with the long line of wise women from whom she descends. (Please note, this workshop IS suitable for adoptees.)

3.00 PM


BECKY JOHANSSON: Earth Globes: Prayers, Magic and Healing for the Earth: Our Mother

Connecting deeply to clay as the body of the Mother; we will build earth globes to hold our prayers for healing for Gaia, Earth. Working individually and as a group we will infuse natural elements (e.g. Well Water, Seeds, breath and love) into the clay, and through sacred movement, sound and ceremony, create a powerful vessel for holding our intentions for healing, peace and support for life and balance in the world. We will work with our connection to Goddess, with energy, life force, power, intention, prayer and magic. As a circle we will weave our prayers together and bind them into the globes, which will then be able to be taken back by participants to their homes, countries and sacred places. As the globes dissolve back into nature, our healing prayers are released, flowing out to the places, people and beings that need them.
This is of course also a beautiful physical metaphor for what we as conference goers and Goddess lovers also do at conference; taking the power, healing and transformation back out into the world, like seeds scattering on the winds.


Unlimited growth, personal or businesswise is an unhealthy illusion of a goal-oriented patriarchal system. The Natural Rhythm of the Earth teaches us that after the ”High” of the SunLover Goddess, the direction to turn to is inwards. It is Demeter, the EarthMother, who calls you in, who calls you home, into Her Dark Depths.

In this practical, experiential and playful workshop you will learn how to work with the Earthly Business On The Moon Wheel. The Rhythm of this Wheel enhances your vitality, gives you specific time and place where to embody Her Abundance and manifest your creativity, while you journey down. You will learn to recognize the -sometimes literally- sickening, energy consuming patterns in the wheel; These are the patterns which keep you from coming into manifestation of your lives desire. You will experience how to re-enter by actually Mothering yourself.

Are you a good Mother to yourself?
We do this Re-Mothering Work on four levels, – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional- and provide ample day-to-day examples to take home with you.
(Re)Mothering Work is about so much more that just pampering and make time for self-care; it is Work and you need some endurance. At the end of the workshop you will have Re-Membered the values of Primal Motherhood through ReSistering/Brothering, ReWilding, ReKindling, ReStructuring, ReConnecting, Replenishing, Reflecting and ReValueing yourself. Moreover, you ReMember that you never Walk Alone on Mother Earth! Know that during the workshop we use some body- and breathing techniques, light trancework and inspire one another by sharing.


When our bodies connect to the beat of the earth, a strong vibration rises through our roots to our heart. Our hearts merge into a single drum that marks our rhythm of life. In this workshop we will open the doors of the sacred temple of dance, this time celebrating and honoring our mother earth with our divine bodies. The African drums and rhythms will accompany us at all times, making us vibrate and enjoy our connection between our body and Her Body.

3.00 PM


ANNA-SAQQARA PRICE: Mothering for childless Mothers

How we mother ourselves and birth creative projects / healing / our gifts into the world .
A healing Arts ceremony for non mother’s ie those who like me who are childless, had terminations when young or still births , and thus are not ‘mothers ‘. Lots of trauma comes up for us childless women when the focus is on mothers ! So we will be exploring the archetype of the Primal Mother, releasing and cutting ties to the trauma/ pain ( of childlessness) using sound and movement . We will also be looking at how when we embody the Primal Mother we can mother ourselves , friends Family , projects, offering healing , sharing our gifts with the world, without depleting ourselves.
We will close with a Healing arts  ceremony were you journey to meet your Primal Mother & embody her creatively, birthing your gifts into the world.


Explore how to enhance your meditation practise, your connection with Goddess, spirit guides and the elemental beings through live played music and sound, both actively and receptively. The elemental beings are easily attracted by sound. They love to dance and have fun. They can also support healing processes. We may see them in certain forms or we may sense their presence. We will ride on sound to meet them, exploring using movement and dance or meditation to do so. We will journey on sound to meet Earth Mother Goddess. We will actively be experimenting with our voices and with various musical instruments, that are very easy to play, without requiring any previous musical knowledge or experience.

A variety of musical instruments will be provided for the workshop. You are also very welcome to bring your own drum, rattle, singing bowl … and to use the instrument of your voice and body to attract new qualities that you want into your life. Music is known to have been used for spiritual practises such as journeying, soul retrieval, sound healing, adoration… Sound creating a sacred space of deep relaxation or trance, influencing brain waves to support self healing power and enhancing sensation and aliveness of your physical and emotional body. Find out how to use some of this knowledge for your own spiritual practises.


An invitation to the men* at the conference to share and explore whether we can have the qualities of ‘Mother’. We will feel into how we can be healed and empowered by finding our inner mother, enabling deep levels of self-nurturing. We will explore the importance of being able to practice qualities often attributed ‘mothering’ and we will expand this to the transpersonal level: the word ‘matrix’ derives from the word for mother, but has come to also mean the great web of connection between all things. Perhaps this journey will take us from a sense of separation to the realisation that we are all of the same essence, in the great matrix of the Earth Mother Goddess.

*This workshop is open to anyone who does not identify themselves as female. It is not age limited.