We welcome you into the virtual Temple of the Earth Mother Goddess.

Donna is excited to invite you to join her for four morning mini-workshops of her unique blend of Yoga and indigenous spirituality, inspired by her background as an ancestral witch and initiated Priestess of the goddesses Brighde-Brigantia and of the Rose lineage, combined with nourishment for your mind and body.  Donna leads healing and empowering retreats and immersions for women to connect with their intuition and their core power and passion, through practices of yoga, divination, mantra, music and movement. These morning mini-workshops will give you an opportunity to connect, via gentle breathwork, movement, meditation, visualisation and music, to the Earth Mother goddess both without and within, in different forms.

Donna’s workshops are open and accessible to all bodies and abilities. If you wish, you are very welcome to simply attend and watch and listen only, and move (or not) when you feel able.

If you have a yoga mat, it will be useful but not essential. All that is required is a little space to move freely, and have a blanket and perhaps a couple of cushions nearby to aid your physical comfort.

Brigid’s Green Mantle

We support the opening of the conference with gentle connection to our lady of these lands, with some gentle storytelling about the folklore of Brigid’s Mantle, and a guided gentle body prayer journey through the mantle as a metaphor for the green earth, ending with a guided visualisation to meet Brigid and receive her mantle as a tool for protection in these times and all times.

Heart opening presentations

Awakening the wild within 
A call to rise with Clare Dubois TreeSisters Founder

Speaking to the rising flame in each of us, Clare calls to the latent leadership that is feminine nature rooted and powerfilled. Known for her catalytic delivery, this will be an intimate, raw and honest expression of Clare’s commitment to leading on behalf of women and trees. Let yourself go deep and listen to the call of the wild.


In 1879, a workman discovered an ancient grave high on the Cotswold escarpment overlooking the vale of Gloucestershire. The so-called ‘Birdlip Grave Group’ included a female interred with grave goods that included a magnificent bronze mirror. The finds have been exhibited and examined over many years, including by myself for my honours degree dissertation in archaeology. I later published my research in the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society in 1983 (volume 100, 19-31). At the time, concepts and ideas that embraced intangible heritage, shamanism and ethnography were not prevalent. In this short presentation, using these tools, I will attempt a re-interpretation of the archaeological remains. Through this process, I hope to gain some fresh insights that may bring us closer to understanding who this female was and what her role in society may have been. There will be magic.

The Creative Power of the Earth Mother Goddess in Action South Africa

Prayers and conversations with uGogo Nomzimane Dlamini, Aja Marneweck (Gogo Mshwati) and Donna Kouter about community, connection, creativity, ancestors, sustenance and renewal that is the Earth Mother Goddess across this sacred land of South Africa.



When we say Earth Mother, we should talk about the eternal source of life and fertility. For this, we must turn our view to ‘Anatolian’ lands that hold a mosaic of civilizations of 12,000 years. This cultural evolution that started from the pre-Neolithic period to the present, started its first important breakthrough in Çatalhöyük, near Konya. It is in this land that we can find the first seeds of the Mother Goddess, known as the first in Anatolia and in the world. These seeds whisper many themes to us, touching the feminine with us, allowing us to return to our nature. So it’s time to find and remember Earth Mother in the tracks of Kybele. Thus, while we find the unity of the land and Goddess in Kybele, we will find Artemis of Anatolia, one of the most powerful representatives of the Earth Mother Goddess cult. While ‘Mavi’nin Sesi’ (Gülçin Önel) includes all the feature of Anatolian Artemis in this presentation, which is quite different from the Greek cult, she will touch upon the importance of the remembrance of the Goddess Archetypes that we carry within us, even if we are not in their lands. At the same time, while Voice of Blue shares visuals on the Goddesses and conveys the contents of the symbols, she will talk about Anatolia’s connection with Earth Mother, which is full of the blessings of the Mother Goddess cult. At the end of the presentation there will be a short meditative journey for us to feel this powerful Earth Mother within us.

LUNCHTIME with Spirit Doll Myths * Earth Circles led by experienced Priest/esses.

Afternoon Workshops 2.30 - 4.00 pm


Worship of the Anatolian Earth Mother Cybele has its roots in the Rose Lineage cult of the Sumerian Queen Kubaba, who was depicted holding a tympanum (frame drum), the instrument later used in the rites of Cybele in ancient Greece and Rome. Known as ‘Mother of the Mountain’ in all Her primal, raw, wild nature, Cybele’s mystery cult featured loud, percussive music of frame drums and castanets with circle-dancing by women. On the mountain of Montevergine, where Virgil was once initiated at her temple in the area of Southern Italy where my novel The Serpent’s Tale is set, these rites are still enacted in honour of the Black Madonna. In this workshop, we will explore the ancient rites of the Rose Lineage Earth Mother Kubaba, Cybele and the Black Madonna through guided visualisation, ritual, drumming and chanting for our own healing and empowerment as well as that of Mother Earth and all Beings as we co-create the New Earth together.



Hidden within all women, microscopic treasures sing a genetic melody that links us, womb to womb to womb, through thousands of generations back to one woman, a mother, known as “Mitochondrial Eve.” Originally called “Lucky Mother,” as the sole Ancestress of all humans living now, in her time she was unknowingly the Earth Mother Goddess incarnate. Her powerful legacy continues today in the precious pearls of wisdom inherited on a cellular level by each of us through the blood and birthing waters of our sacred female ancestors.
In this workshop, Cairelle will lead a collective journey into the land of divine female genealogy. We will explore the basics of mitochondrial DNA with illustrative visuals and discussion, and also learn where and how to discover the particulars of our individual maternal lineage. Drum-led meditation will introduce us to the Mitochondrial Mothers, those ancient women who traveled Earth through the millennia, bringing forth a magnificent rainbow of daughters whose matrilineal blood songs still flow within us all. We will close with a ceremony to honor all Mother lineages and when we depart, each woman will carry the reawakened knowledge to manifest and maintain a meaningful connection with the long line of wise women from whom she descends. (Please note, this workshop IS suitable for adoptees.)
Since the workshop is now virtual, attendees are asked to have a red or white candle of any kind available for our ceremony, plus a source to light it. Battery-operated candles are also fine.


Brigit Ana, the ancient Goddess, and sacred name of the islands of Britain, is calling us to remember her sacredness…to come home to the restoration of her land and peoples…to move away from the disconnection and damaging nature of the consumer culture of materialism and to come back home into her sacred purpose…back home to Belonging as indigenous peoples living and walking upon her…to walk a sacred path with her to restore her once thriving Ecosystem….known as coming from Celtic land in myth as the court of the fisher king…her forests where once stood mighty trees…where our brothers and sisters…the four legged’s… the winged ones…the creepy crawlies…lived in abundance and harmony with her peoples…when her rivers were clean and wild.. where otters swam and fish were a plenty…where kingfishers flocked with heron and Swan….she was known and loved for her abundant nature, for her lush fertile land… she was a place of pilgrimage for seekers of the mystery of life who listened to and recieved the teachings of the worlds through her veil, her soul, ..the land of the fae, the realm of Annwn..the Celtic otherworld and the Isle of Avalon…Tir na nog, the land of eternal youth…her spirit was all around and could be found through communing with the nature spirits…the tree spirits gave her people the teachings of the ogham…the rocks whose kept the records of earth and her evolution through assisting the people in ceremony with stone circles, cairns and megaliths…the land sang songs and told stories to gift the people to help them remember the truth of her soul and the purpose of her people to stay with her with myth such as Blodeuwedd, stories from her seas which surround her through tales of selkies.. her purpose was the remembering and communing with the deep magic of life.. her people respected this and sang and spoke her truth. This sacred isle of Brigit has always been strong medicine for Mother Earth. She has been an important and prominent land in the Story of Mother Earth. Her recent legacy through trauma and the displacement of her people from her thriving Ecosystem…the separation we have experienced and grief we have felt has led to much destruction and her recent legacy has been one of oppressor, affecting indigenous cultures and their lands all over the world in damaging ways…. how can we heal this? how can we come home to her and begin changing her legacy of oppressor to one of restorer? in workshop we will remember her…dream with her and find pathways back to belonging.


Unlimited growth, personal or businesswise is an unhealthy illusion of a goal-oriented patriarchal system. The Natural Rhythm of the Earth teaches us that after the ”High” of the SunLover Goddess, the direction to turn to is inwards. It is Demeter, the EarthMother, who calls you in, who calls you home, into Her Dark Depths.

In this practical, experiential and playful workshop you will learn how to work with the Earthly Business On The Moon Wheel. The Rhythm of this Wheel enhances your vitality, gives you specific time and place where to embody Her Abundance and manifest your creativity, while you journey down. You will learn to recognize the -sometimes literally- sickening, energy consuming patterns in the wheel; These are the patterns which keep you from coming into manifestation of your lives desire. You will experience how to re-enter by actually Mothering yourself.

Are you a good Mother to yourself?
We do this Re-Mothering Work on four levels, – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional- and provide ample day-to-day examples to take home with you.
(Re)Mothering Work is about so much more that just pampering and make time for self-care; it is Work and you need some endurance. At the end of the workshop you will have Re-Membered the values of Primal Motherhood through ReSistering/Brothering, ReWilding, ReKindling, ReStructuring, ReConnecting, Replenishing, Reflecting and ReValueing yourself. Moreover, you ReMember that you never Walk Alone on Mother Earth! Know that during the workshop we use some body- and breathing techniques, light trancework and inspire one another by sharing.


Would you like to let go of your fear? Would you like to be more at peace with yourself? Would you like to deepen your connection to Love? Then this workshop is for you! In this workshop we will look at ways to transform fear through ceremony, music and movement and enjoy a deeper experience of peace and Love. Miguel’s gentle but strong, sacred masculine energy creates a beautiful safe, space from which to relax, open and blossom.  These are the optimum conditions to facilitate deep healing and peace. Treat yourself to an immersion in some gentle and yet strong and balanced sacred mother / father energy and let the healing happen.

Cooking Class: Nutrition for Your Inner Seasons of Womanhood

Our female bodies are cyclical just like Mother Earth’s seasons.

In this LIVE Cooking Class, we will learn recipes to support our natural inner rhythm of changing hormones each month and throughout our lives.

We have four different phases in our menstrual cycle:

  • winter (menstruation/new moon)
  • spring (follicular phase/waxing moon)
  • summer (ovulation/full moon)
  • autumn (luteal phase/waning moon)

We also have phases in the journey of womanhood:

  • moonstruation (including motherhood)
  • peri-moonpause
  • moonpause

If you have PMS, cramping, food cravings, fatigue, acne, or feel like your cycle or menopause shift is a CURSE, this class will provide clarity to alleviate these symptoms.

Learn the hormone science, deepen your connection with food, plant allies and recipes, and love your body as a temple, with food as the divine offering.

Get the shopping list ahead of time to follow along or just receive the information and learn how to make the recipes for later.

When: 2:30-4pm EST  date:___

Where: Online private Zoom room

Hosted by: @thegoddessconference and Chef Allie McFee @moderngoddesslifestyle



-Almond Ginger Collard Wraps

-Hot Maca Matcha Latte

-Nettle Infusion

All recipes are plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Questions will be answered LIVE for those who attend. Recording will be available.

Afternoon Workshops 4.30 - 6.00 pm


ANNA-SAQQARA PRICE: Mothering for childless Mothers

How we mother ourselves and birth creative projects / healing / our gifts into the world .
A healing Arts ceremony for non mother’s ie those who like me who are childless, had terminations when young or still births , and thus are not ‘mothers ‘. Lots of trauma comes up for us childless women when the focus is on mothers ! So we will be exploring the archetype of the Primal Mother, releasing and cutting ties to the trauma/ pain ( of childlessness) using sound and movement . We will also be looking at how when we embody the Primal Mother we can mother ourselves , friends Family , projects, offering healing , sharing our gifts with the world, without depleting ourselves.
We will close with a Healing arts  ceremony were you journey to meet your Primal Mother & embody her creatively, birthing your gifts into the world.

BECKY JOHANSSON: Earth Globes: Prayers, Magic and Healing for the Earth: Our Mother

Connecting deeply to clay as the body of the Mother; we will build earth globes to hold our prayers for healing for Gaia, Earth. Working individually and as a group we will infuse natural elements (e.g. Well Water, Seeds, breath and love) into the clay, and through sacred movement, sound and ceremony, create a powerful vessel for holding our intentions for healing, peace and support for life and balance in the world. We will work with our connection to Goddess, with energy, life force, power, intention, prayer and magic. As a circle we will weave our prayers together and bind them into the globes, which will then be able to be taken back by participants to their homes, countries and sacred places. As the globes dissolve back into nature, our healing prayers are released, flowing out to the places, people and beings that need them.
This is of course also a beautiful physical metaphor for what we as conference goers and Goddess lovers also do at conference; taking the power, healing and transformation back out into the world, like seeds scattering on the winds.


Enjoy the abundance of sacred dance and knowledge through trance. Join us in circle dances choreographed to honour, invoke and express the Earth Mother with well-beloved songs like “The Earth is our Mother” or “Mother, I feel you under my feet”. Angelica will sing some of the songs live and you are welcome to sing along. Let us hear, see, feel what the Earth Mother wants to reveal in a guided trance. Goddess shows her face in multiple ways. Within the circle we feel held, loved and supported, embedded in a commonly shared experience of Her loving beauty and wisdom.

Following in the  pawprints of Earth Bear

From the west on the wheel of She Bears comes Earth Bear, She leaves Her pawprints on the muddy earth for you to follow. She wants you to be in your body, manifesting change, leaving your own positive pawprints, and completing projects.

Weeza brings you creative workshop where you can engage with the energy of Earth Bear and step forward…….


Getting ready to Follow in the Pawprints of Earth Bear

  • Please bring the following with you to the workshop:
  • a notebook & pen,
  • large (A4 or bigger) plain paper, coloured if you have it, avoid lined paper if possible
  • Felt tip pens, crayons, drawing pencils etc
  • Soil from your landscape, (about the quantity that your 2 hands can scoop up) in a beautiful bowl / basket etc. Even if you are in an urban environment please bring local soil, from garden, park, wasteground etc.
  • A simple snack  for part of the workshop


Invoke your inner wild in this workshop journey held by priestess Camilla Måne and storyteller Stina Gray. Here we will awaken our senses, return to our our roots and deepen our connection to Mother Earth through chanting, storytelling, dance and ceremony – drawing inspiration from the Nordic landscape of song and myth.


All Natural Henna Body Art ~ Healing the Earth Mother & Your Temple Connect with the beauty and blessings of all natural henna body art.

Henna is a healing medicinal plant that has been used for temporary body adornment for thousands of years. Learn how to source safe all natural henna powder, how to mix your own paste and how this simple act is healing for Mother Earth and her people. Learn to create temporary tattoos for self-care, self-love, healing, ritual and ceremony in relationship to the Moon and Mother Earth.