08:00 - 08:30

Morning Practice: Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

  • Karan Troubadoura  

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Tribal Star Queen in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning and chanting from the heart,including chants created especially for this year’s Goddess Conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they "can't sing" but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!

08:30 - 09:30

Yoga by Donna Gerrard

09:30 - 09:50

Opening and Daily practices

29th Jul : MORNING 20-45 mins pre-recorded talks
Always Available -

The Golden Lady Priestess Queen Lineage in Herstory

  • Nikoletta Pozsgai  

From the era of the Ordos Empire to the Saka-Sarmatian-Scythian-Hun tribes a plethora of Asian and Eastern European artefact has been researched and in the talk a collection of which will be presented to follow up the Golden Lady Priestess Queen lineage. The queen and leader of the tribe, The Golden Lady, was the wisest, the most able and gifted from the so-called Blessed Women (Rima). All the blessed women got their training in priestessing, healing, were shamankas and were all warriors – in the skies and in the physical when that was needed. Later on the Patriarchal Greek called them ruthless warriors, the Amazons. How much more they were than that. The unearthed Golden Treasures of the Carpathian Basin, Sub Ural and further Asian regions will speak up for the tribal queens in our herstory who apart from being skillful warrioresses were priestesses and wise leaders of their tribes. Let them tell their stories of the real strengths, skills, life-centered wisdom of the feminine through changing times. Let them tell their message of feminine leadership: we are their daughters who are to step into our very own powers, awaken our priestess, warrior and queen archetypes to protect the flame of life and create our path to a MotherWorld based new Golden Age. A legacy. Our legacy to take over. 

Always Available -

A Journey that reaches from the Weaver Goddesses myths to the motives woven on to the Anatolian Kilims

  • Gülçin Önel (Mavi’nin Sesi)  

If we will be talking about a Star Queen, for me that would be the Weaving Goddess spinning her spindle in her place above the stars. The threads that are tied to one another, foreseeing where the threat that will be knotted in the next step and within the bigger picture; all of these processes tells us the story of why weaving has been attributed to the feminine energy all this time. The process which begins with a knot, a thread takes use from mother and baby to weaving the knots that are established in a relationship. From a cultural and mythological perspective, we see that Weaving always happens in the hands of a woman. The webs woven are many and their material equivalents are rugs, carpets, knits, knots, lace and much more. That is why first and foremost I will go into the roots of the Weaver Archetype, talking about its mythological counterparts mentioning the Weaving Goddess of the Sumerian Cult, Utta in Anatolia. I will explain how the symbols carried on from the Weaving Goddesses to our day were woven on rugs(kilims) and the fact that rugs(kilims) actually tell us a story of many facets I will explain over the Goddess Symbols on rugs(kilims) from Anatolia. Remembering the Weaver inside us will remind us that we are the ones weaving the fabric of life each day with what we have in hand. Schedule - An Overview of the Weaver Archetype - Feminine Energy and Being A Weaver - Weaving Goddess Uttu in the Sumerian Cult - Goddess Motives on Kilims (Rugs) in Anatolian Culture

Always Available -

The Ecstasy of Sound with Jennifer Berezan

  • Jennifer Berezan  

We will engage in musical experiences from traditional and contemporary traditions, with a focus on women’s expressions, designed to open our hearts and create equanimity, joy, ecstasy, and healing. Our time together will include sessions of toning, song, chanting, poetry, meditation and silence, in a safe, light-hearted and sacred environment. No musical experience is necessary.

11:00 -

Coffee and Tea Break

Always Available -

The Goddess is Alive

  • Mutima Imani  

Come and awaken to the Goddess Alive within you...... waiting to be recognized and called upon. The Goddess Alive is unconditional love and surrendering to it brings compassion, balance and healing into the world. In every woman there is a Queen, when you speak to the Queen, the Queen will answer, the Queen is devoted to the Goddess. Come cultivate that devotion and awaken to the feminine power of the Goddess.   Listening deeply together we will awaken the sweet joy in our hearts, mind and bodies and hear the voice of the Divine Universal  Mother.

Always Available -

Venus - Bright Queen of Heaven

  • Annabel Du Boulay  

Named ‘Bright Queen of Heaven’ by the Babylonians in 1600BC, the planet Venus, the third brightest object in the sky at maximum elongation after the Sun and Moon, is also known as the Morning and Evening Star. The 8 Year Cycle of Venus inspired not only the Rose Lineage mythos as far back as Ancient Mesopotamia in 3500BC, with the Myth of the Descent of Inanna and her rebirth as Queen of Heaven being founded on its 19-month synodic period of 7 waning moon and 7 waxing moon conjunctions, but archaeological evidence also reveals that the Cycle of Venus was followed by the Neolithic and Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland. In this presentation, I’ll be exploring the influence of Venus on the ancient tribes of the Rose and Celtic Lineages, and her archetypal embodiment as ‘Bright Queen of Heaven’.

12:30 - 13:15


13:15 -

Lunch Break

29th Jul : AFTERNOON 2.5 hours Workshops

Luminary Leaderful Star Queens

  • Dr Lynne Sedgmore  

Lynne will share her experience and understanding of an exciting way of manifesting Star Queen through the Luminary path. A healthy form of manifesting leadership is one that balances and integrates both our unique individual autonomous Star Queen and our collective cosmic Star Queen. This involves shining our own Sovereignty brilliance within the interconnectedness of everyone else’s Sovereignty so that together we are Leaderful and liberate/ birth the magnificence, fullest potential and brightest shining of everyone involved. Together as Luminary Leaderful Star Queens we can light up the firmament and brighten the earth.


Katinka Soetens

  • Katinka Soetens  


Heloise Pilkington


Claim your Crown and Be Seen: Shadow Liberation for Priestess Leaders

  • Demelza Fox  

Are you a priestess or a spiritual woman wanting to take your work out in the world… but you are crippled by the fear of being seen? Terrified of being judged? Do you create magical offerings, ceremonies and circles… and then shy away from telling anyone about them? Do you KNOW you are holding yourself back from sharing your message and your love of the goddess and are just SO FRUSTRATED that you can’t break through this shame and smallness? Release your visibility fears and take your crown as Queen in this transformative shadow-hunting workshop. Join Demelza Fox, abundant headmistress of the Morgan le Fay Mystery School, shadow hunter extraordinaire and certified NLP, T.I.M.E., Hypnosis and EFT practitioner, as we uncover and release some of the fears, fallacies and habits that keep you shrinking and hiding yourself so you can show up fabulously as the Priestess you are! Demelza will lead you through powerful exercises, energy meditations and miracle techniques that transform your shame and fear and get you fearlessly claiming your crown like the Queen you are.

17:00 -


29th Jul : Evening
19:30 -