The Story of the Five Weaving Sisters

The Story of the Five Weaving Sisters

Painting by Paul Sérusier (1864 - 1927)
Painting by Paul Sérusier (1864 – 1927)


The Story of the Five Weaving Sisters

Into our dreaming stepped the Five Weaving sisters… Five Great Goddesses from beyond time, whose story echoes in different mythologies the world over.

We find their presence stitched into many tales from ancient Europe, and in the Celtic-Avalonian traditions. Five weaving Goddesses with different faces, different golden threads which carry Her energy, Her presence, and Her gifts.

Five Sisters, five Great Goddesses, weave a magnificent multi coloured mantle.

Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen and Crone, each Goddess equally contributing their threads, which they weave into the fabric of life.

Upon it, their design; of leaf and tree, of apple and pomegranate, flowers and roots, snake and bird, of fish and mammal, of purpose and evolution, takes shape, and glows.

The seeds of immortality, the flowers of passion, the harvest of deeds, and the fruits of every underworld journey, are all woven into the weave.

With the greatest of care they create this beauty, taking turns to mend, with invisible tender stiches, the occasional rip or the tiniest tear, never losing the rhythm of the weft and warp.

Together they weave a cloth of shimmering essence, its patterns created with the golden threads of karma, that they spin on long, magical spindles.

To spin this thread, they card the fibres of their specific gifts, to make sure only the finest are included. Each thread carries their essence, and when they cut it, these gifts are given; to all who wear the magnificent mantle of life, to all of us.



Since the beginning of human time… the first sister, the Maiden Goddess offers the thread of Healing. Springing from Her own fair hands, and magical in its miraculous nature, it sings with Her presence.

This golden thread of Her loving healing, She gives into the actions of our heart and soul, our minds and bodies, into the realness of our lives.

For this Maiden is Goddess of Healing in all its forms.

She invites us to receive, carry and share Her gift. It is up to us to wear the mantle well, to weave the thread into action, and to carry it’s treasures in our hearts.

In the container of the Ceremonial Priest/ess group, Her presence, as Maiden Goddess of Healing, is given us much to work with. She is coming through as a full wheel of amazing Goddesses of Healing, as herbs and crystals, as new mythologies and elemental forms of healing, manifesting harmoniously between us all, and finding deep resonance on both a personal, as well as a group level.

Soon we will be able to reveal more of what the Goddess of Healing will bring us in the 2024 Goddess conference.

For now, perhaps you can feel the threads of connection pulling you gently into the weave of Her love and magic. Do come and join us for the in person Maiden year Conference (30th July – 4th Aug) to be a part of it all and entre the Healing Temple of the Goddess.

“She is known by many faces and has been called by a million different
She offers the many magical medicines and healing modalities so needed in our times.

She is Bridghe, Brigid, Bríg,
wearing the Green Cloak of Peace,
Her love a blazing white hot flame.
As Kwan Yin, She pours Her sweet balm of compassion,
She is Hestia with Her gift of medicine,
Gula of midwifery,
Aja of plant journey
and magical Morgan La Fey of Avalon.
She is Wise Coventina of deep wells,
Nematona of rightful actions,
Sulis of hot healing springs,
and Isolde with healing hands.

Hers is the soothing kiss-, the sharpest medical blade-, the sweet milk of sleep-, all magical chants-, and every bitter herb- of healing.
She guides the seekers and embraces the lost.
She eases all pain.
Soul-guardian of Death, She cares for the living and midwives every birth.”

Perhaps you can feel the Goddess of your heart whisper Her healing energy of renewal and deep dreaming at this time of the year. Let Her guide you to your own exploration of what Healing-in-Action may be like for you, and how you may walk Her many ways this season.

With love and blessings from Avalon
From Katinka and Marion