The Stone Circles

The Stone Circles

There is sweetness in the air.

Sexual energy rising from the earth in the awakening of Her Abundance. Daffodils, tulips, irises, hyacinths, muscari, bluebells are dotting the earth with their flashy, vivid colours. Cherry trees are blooming with their pale rose tint petals, equally sprinkling green parks and grey asphalt with joy and beauty.

The floral world is releasing the deliciousness of their pollen scent, that bees and insects cannot resist, fertilising the Earth. Squirrels and other animals are coming back from their slumber. Bird songs full of passion and thrill, are echoing in the air.

The Sun is shining for longer, warmer days. We have survived winter.

Merry Maiden Energy Prayer & Offering 

The aliveness is so pervasive it cannot be ignored.
The gift of being alive and the gifts of nature, what we sadly sometimes give for granted now, was something our ancestors celebrated as a community with dance, song, offerings, sharing of gifts of gratitude – as may Her bounteousness continue.

One of the portals they likely gathered to celebrate in the seasonal pivotal moments of the year were the Stone circles.

These ancient monuments, constructed from standing stones arranged in circular formations, are found all over the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa. Among the most famous of these circles are the Stonehenge in England, the Callanish Stones in Scotland, and the Drombeg Stone Circle in Ireland. While the precise purpose of these structures remains a mystery, many believe that they served as portals to the otherworld, a realm that lay beyond the veil of everyday reality.

Athgreany Stone Circle, Trippet Stone Circle, Boscawen-un Circle & Temple of Deen Donegal

The Celtic and ancient Europeans tribes, who inhabited much of Europe during the Iron Age and beyond, are known for their rich mythological traditions and deep connection to the natural world. They could see how the landscape was alive with spirits and energies, and that certain places held special power, such as rivers, mountains, and groves of trees. When felt called to, in some of these sacred places they erected stone circles, often located in elevated areas, such as hilltops.

One of the most striking features of stone circles is their circular shape, possibly a representation of the cyclical nature of time and the cosmos, hence the alignment to specific solstices, equinoxes or stars. The stones themselves were believed to possess their own inherent power, imbued with symbolism such as carved spirals or triskels. Legends that reached us to this day, often distorted, talk of giants, maidens or ancestors who had been turned to stone as punishment or reward for their deeds. I, though, believe that while a primordial Goddess energy is very present in the stones, it is far from “trapped”, which is a overlaid narrative of fear, aimed at scaring people away from celebrating in open portals to Her Otherworld.

The idea of stone circles as portals to the otherworld is rooted in the Celtic belief in a thin veil between the physical and spiritual realms. The otherworld is not a distant, ethereal place, but rather an overlapping dimension that coexists with the everyday world. The stone circles were seen as points of contact or gateways between these two realms, where one could enter into the otherworld through a process of ritual or meditative state. The otherworld was seen as a place of great beauty and abundance, where one could gain wisdom, healing, or inspiration. However, it was also a place of danger, where one could easily become lost or trapped if not properly prepared.

Stone Circle Kildare & Macomer Stones

As a Priestess of the Goddess, working with Her Crone aspect this year, I feel a strong connection with this portal. I feel Her calling us to ritually enter Her otherworldly space, to remember, to reactivate, to celebrate, to be grateful.

Having lived for a few years in wonderful Ireland, and now in the UK – in these lands we are blessed with many stone circles still standing. When I can, I love to visit them with my partner, to reconnect with their energy, pray, and honour the past and the present.

I favour the off the beaten path unknown circles, the ones almost forgotten by humans, where I can take my time and express myself freely and fully.

Asking for permission, I ceremonially step in. A deep, strong energy seeps into my bones. I open my arms to the sky and call Her many names. Sometimes, I feel moved to sing, or spring into a dance, letting the energy move and spin me around, while laying offerings for each of the stones.
I rest, next to them, welcoming visions from a distant past. If the time is right, I love to see the shadows sunlight plays on the stones in different moments of the day.

Stripple Stones & Temple of Deen meditation

When I start feeling the chill of the humidity of the land, I know it is time to go. Sending my prayers to the ancestors that have been threading on this land, I take a deep breath and say my goodbyes, stepping out of the circle, grounding, coming back to this reality.

With the corner of my eye, I may feel rustles or catch glimpses of spirits enjoying the space I just left. Hard to ignore the longing to join them in their dance, but it’s not my place.

And that is me.

If you can, when coming to visit for the Goddess Conference or in your land, make time for a detour to visit a Stone Circle.
Reconnect with this ancient portal.
Feel Her energy.
Celebrate being alive.

Blessed be,

Sara Ramadoro
Ceremonial Priestess.