• February 1, 2022
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This image of the 2022 Sovereign Goddess of Avalon Conference has been created by Goddess artist extraordinaire Wendy Andrew ( Wendy had of course also designed the big five main altar banners of which four have been celebrated already (Moon Maiden, Sun Lover, Earth Mother and Star Queen). It felt so appropriate and exciting to ask her to design the ‘sixth’ Bridge-Year image, which she kindly did!

This year we focus on grounding and centring us in Goddess, in Avalon and in our inner Sovereignty. Wendy has expressed this magically in the image. This image has so many layers, the longer your look, the more you discover. Please allow us to ‘lift out’ some of the elements of her painting:

  • The whole image is a ‘Mandorla’ which is a yoni shaped form that is mostly used to frame a sacred image. As you can see the mandorla shape is the same as the centre of the Vesica Pisces, a symbol of unity and oneness and of course well known as the logo of the Chalice Well, which is echoed throughout the picture.
  • The Sovereign Goddess in the centre is dressed in the elemental colours of the land: her green mantle with Celtic design represents the earth, the blue under dress are the waters, the red in the inner Vesica Pisces is the fire andthe white the Air. She also wears an under cloak of the Ethereal Mists of Avalon,the 5th element.
  • The Goddess is part of the land, with the apple orchards, the fields of flowersor the isle and the waters and wetlands of the levels around Her.
  • She is adorned in gold, crowned as Sovereign Goddess of the land and around Her neck she wears a lunula; symbolising both sun and moon.
  • The White and Red Dragons represent the powerful primordial energy of the Isle of Avalon as well as the ley-lines that run through the whole of the Island and beyond. They come together and hold the ‘dragon egg’ which can be found on the Isle on Glastonbury Tor, in the centre of the labyrinth.
  • The Tor is at the top of the image without the (St. Michael’s) tower but with a stone-circle instead….or is it a gathering of people?
  • The sacred trees are of course also represented, they stand next to the white and red waters, flowing from one source and are symbolically decorated with white and red ribbons.
  • She radiates magic and mystery, soft power and sovereignty; Can you feel Her?


Sovereign Goddess of Avalon
You who radiate magic and mystery
and dance in unity with the primordial Dragons
as they twist and turn
their pathways in the land.
We welcome Your presence
and call you by Your ancient names
Brighid, Don, Elaine, Epona, Kundry
Morgan, Nemetona, Nimue, Rosmerta,
the many and the one.
Sovereign Goddess of Avalon
You who radiate the light of sun and moon
and flow in unity with the sacred waters
as they emerge and mingle
their pathways through the land.
We feel Your presence
and call to Your elemental forms
Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the
Ethereal Veils of Mists
binding us as one
Sovereign Goddess of Avalon
You who radiate the energy of this sacred Isle
and dance in unity within our community
as we seek and explore
our pathways in connection with the land.
We honour Your presence
and call to You in ceremony and celebration
on the Tor, in the Apple Orchards, on the Levels,
at the Egg stone, around the vesica Pisces,
gathering as one.
Marion Brigantia February 2022



Brochure of the Goddess Conference 2022
Brochure of the Goddess Conference 2022