Dragon energy rising! 

  • Did you know that one of the primordial forms of the Divine Feminine is Dragon?
  • Can you feel the Red and White Dragons of the land of Glastonbury / Avalon waking up in joyous aliveness in all of nature this spring?
  • Did you know that it is through the dragon lines in the sacred land that the Celtic Sovereign Goddess links to the people of Pendragon, to Arthurian mythology of the Grail Queens and the mysteries of Avalon?
Logo GC 2022 made by Wendy Andrew


You might think ‘What has the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon to do with Dragons?’ or ‘Why are there Dragons in the logo of this year’s Conference logo?’ Good questions, to which we’ll try to give an answer to!

This year we felt we needed to go back to the core of the work we are doing: to make a deep connection with Goddess and with Avalon; to root ourselves deeply, after the strangeness of the last two years, to ground and centre ourselves in the source-energy of our pathways and to reach out to the wider Pagan community in Glastonbury, the UK and all over the world.

Jubilee parade with the white and red dragon. Photo by Jason Bryant

Those lines (which nowadays are often called the Mary and Michael line) we know as the White and Red Dragon energy lines, an energy which symbolises the power of the land and the people, and which is an intrinsic part of the sovereignty of the Goddess of Avalon, the authentic relationship with, and responsibility for this sacred land.

We have felt the presence of Dragons as the primordial presence of Goddess energy, the life force of nature, the elemental energies, the sovereignty of the land. By calling on the Dragons we are tapping into that rooted, grounded, and at the same time magical and powerful energy to journey with us, as we celebrate Her as the earth we walk upon and on which so many walked before us.

Dragons made by Freddie Miller


The Dragon energy this year will be held by the Directional ‘Dragon’ Priestesses and Priest, who will each hold a ‘Dragon Circles’ which are the circles of connection for you as participant. We trust you will enjoy this beautiful dance with the Dragons of Avalon!

We are diving deep into the sharing of the mysteries this year, and are so happy to be able to welcome so many people coming to the in-person Goddess Conference this Lammas. Oh it is so good to be planning amazing ceremonies on the land, in Chalice Well, around the Lammas Fire, and in the Great Temple we will raise up in Her honour and celebration. So good to be weaving magic in the ceremonial priestess group for the Goddess Conference today!”

“I am so looking forward to be in person again with so many friends and Goddess loving people who are booking in for this year’s Sovereign Goddess of Avalon Conference. We are so excited to see new, as well as familiar names, on our ticket list of those coming to celebrate Goddess with us. Don’t miss out and join us, full Conference tickets are on the website, where you can also find concessional tickets, weekend and day tickets. We also have a limited number of working ‘volunteer’ Melissa tickets to apply for.”