The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge Portal Blog

As I walk alongside the Crone of the Otherworld, I spiral into the Center to find the Rainbow Bridge.

The concept of the Rainbow Bridge can bring images of small, mischievous and spritely dancing leprachuans dancing a jolly jig
around a pot of lit up gold, or a legendary horse-like creature with a single, large, spiraled horn projecting from it’s forehead
touching the tip of the multi-colored arch way, sending streaming hues of light thru the clear blue sky after a torrential

The sparkling Vision of the Unicorn takes us to the idea: a rainbow can carry us to an Otherworldly place.
A domain of magykal beasts and favorite pets that have disappeared into the realm of a euphoric utopia where:


There is no pain, no suffering. There is a grande out breath when you reach the Rainbow Bridge.

I myself, am considered a Rainbow Bridger- with one foot in the muggle and one foot in the magick, one foot in birth, one foot in
death, one foot in logic, one foot in mystery, one foot on planet earth and the other in deep space.

Ancient races, such as the Lyran, Andromedan, Orion, Sirian, Pleaidian, and Arcturian are galactic star family within the umbrella of the Otherworld. Many believe that we are actually direct descendants of these stellar people. Especially if you who have a sense that you are not of THIS world, but most definitely of another world. The Otherworld.

Some of us feel like we are of a hybrid starseed origin. A mixture of races, fully embodying the rainbow. Perhaps you are already a mixture of earthly cultures and homelands, yet the Crone of the Otherworld lifts us up and out into Space where one has the ability to slow down, let go, shapeshift, and fly on the wings of a Dragon to blast thru the walls of separation. The Otherworld is right here, past your possible addictions of survival. There is a liminal edge at every moment that we choose to live as wyld wytch, benevolent grandmother, or Wisdom Gateway.

The Rainbow Bridge reveals itself in the iridescence that glows with the shimmering stars.
The Rainbow Bridge reveals itself with the glimmer of your Grandmother’s pearl necklace.
The Rainbow Bridge reveals itself when you see the Lunar Halo around the Full Moon.

As we walk closer toward the Unknown, we can visualize a Rainbow Bridge to cross arching from here to “there”. Here to the Otherworld. As we Cross Over, what are we actually traveling on? Perhaps the Barge of Avalon goes under this portal of ambient seven colored light, and the Mysts part? or the Myst lift?

Our imagination and our intuition revels in collecting a portfolio of myths, memories, and manifestation regarding a Rainbow Bridge. I welcome you to contemplate your connection to the idea of it actually existing on an etheric level. The Crone touches all Initiations and precipice thresholds of our Earthly life. Her under/inner world penetrates all our major decisions.

The wisdom of the Crone has worn a cloak of every color of the rainbow. She has climbed the hill and now makes Her descent. She trusts in the unknown of the Otherworld and allows the open space and time travel of the Mystery. The Myst-Story to unravel. She shines like the Sun’s rays beaming into a crystal hanging over the sink in a Kytchen Wytches Apothecary. She exhales rainbow light activating the mundane to bridge with the majestic magick that exists…whether we believe it or not.

We love sparkles.
We love faery magick.
We love sunlight on the Water.

As Priest/essess we are the epitome of the Rainbow Bridge. Doula’s of every transformative event that occurs. We must hold our Center and commune with the wisdom and strength of the Crone’s stamina, so we can always have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to feel the hidden treasure that we find in the deep and darkness of our lives. The pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow is REAL.

In Devotion,
Priestess Graell