Coming together. 

Have you had a taste of how good it is to be in person in ceremony again this Beltane?

After two years of not being able to, Glastonbury saw its wonderful community event and procession return on the 1st May. This is a good reminder of some of the great ceremonies, procession, gala celebration and community connection, that are an integral part of the in-person Goddess Conference.

I’m sure that you, like us, have missed being on the land together in celebration and in sacred Temple space for ritual and ceremony together. If you long to sing and dance with friends again in held space, in person under the sun and moon, around the focussed intension of the Divine Feminine in Her great Temple space and on Her land.

Looking forward to walking in procession onto the Tor of Avalon once again (or do so for the first time), to sing and dance around the great Lammas fire, to celebrate and enjoy the delights of the gala evening, and to meet in person again with old and new friends.

There is something very ancestral about the joyous coming together in procession, in dance, in ceremony, here on the sacred land of Glastonbury/Avalon. It awakens ancient memories of cultures and tribal times, where the purpose of community was supportive to all individuals and in alignment to what Love would do: When the centre of our intentions was serving and celebration Goddess in all Her forms.

The feelings described above we tried to capture in a little movie. We asked former participants what there experience is of the Goddess Conference, what they love most about it and why they are connected to Avalon. See the result here!

This year, during our 4 day Goddess Conference, we will be holding an elemental ceremonial evening, within the sacred landscape of the mysteries of Avalon, as well as a Lammas fire ceremony out on the land.

Of course, now that we are able again, we are also all looking forward to the return of the original, colourful Goddess Procession, on the Sunday of the Goddess Conference, that is open to participants and the wider community, and that has been such an integral part of bringing Goddess alive in the world for 27 years.

Why not come and join us!

Gift yourself this amazing opportunity and support the Goddess Conference through buying your full Goddess Conference ticket, the weekend only ticket, the single days tickets, fringe events, concession tickets, youth tickets, group tickets or help us and become a melissa, all available on our website.

We so look forward to welcoming Goddess loving people from around the world here in person in Glastonbury, and to celebrate the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon together in Her Temple and Her sacred landscape.

With love from Avalon
The Goddess Conference organisers and pillar circle.