Sunday 4 August


Sunday 4 August

Her Healing Spirit


Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: Deep wisdom healing 

A workshop in deep immersion with the grace, compassion, transformation healing energy of land of Avalon

Explore Empowering and Disempowering emotions,

Learning art of feminine healing, though energy work and in bracing healing the mother-line.

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Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: Ninefold Goddess and her Alchemical Healing Wheel of Remembrance

A journey with the Ninefold Goddess and her deeply soul touching healing aspects.

A peak view in the ancient technics and disciplines of ancient Avalon combined with some inner journey’s, musings and magic!

We will work with the Healing Wheel of Remembrance, ancient Oils and healing Herbs and you will receive a Ninefold Healing/Medicine sheet and a colourful, filled pouch, scented for remembrance.

A workshop connecting the Ninefold Goddess with an enchanting Morgen Maiden Medicine Wheel.

Medicine from the Maiden as she merges with her playfulness and the wisdom of the Crone within.

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Location: check registration for venue

Workshop: The Healing Power of Poetry

In this workshop we will discover the Maiden energy in its poetry and healing aspect.

We will be sharing, writing. and exploring all things poetic, using a variety of methods- including ceremony- with a particular emphasis on how poetry can heal.

We will go deep- and have fun!

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Location: Check registration for venue

Workshop: The Alchemy Of Movement and Dance

A powerful embodiment to assist soul retrieval into wholeness and wellbeing transforming the old into new, the dark into light, the sadness into joy, stuckness into freedom, old into new.

I have danced all my life, and now also, from 5 years to 74 years old. It has supported me through life changes events such as grief, loss, loneliness, separation, divorces, breast cancer and recovery. My soul loves to move and dance, to feel alive.

Please come and join me in calling in and embodying the magical energy of Bride, maiden Goddess of healing wholeness. We shall awaken the fire energy of new life, transformation, purity, freedom in the body.

Focusing on gentle warm up, using connected breathing, healing pilates stretches and centering to ground ourselves. Then moving into taking a dance journey with the many faces of Bride, using inspiring music, visualization, movement, dance and healing tools. Connecting with each other in circle to complete.

I look forward to meeting and sharing the Dance!

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Location: Town Hall

Location: High Street


The annual procession of The Goddess Conference is a joyous celebration of Goddess, as we walk with Her on the land of Avalon. We will gather on Her sacred land to hold a ceremony of gratitude and the sharing of the ‘fruit feast’. Please dress in your greens and whites and bring fruits and nuts to share.



Location: Town Hall

Performance: Joseph is a sacred singer and will be returning once again to the Goddess Conference with his own chants and spiritual songs of the Sacred Maiden Goddess. He invites you to join with him to honour the land on which we walk our journey of healing!

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Location: Town Hall

Performace: Miss Smith to the rescue !

The famous Miss Smith (Diana Milstein) joins us once again for an amazing performance, what will she bring us this time?

Location: Town Hall

Location: different locations around town depending on your Well Circle

Location: Town Hall


This ceremony brings what it says on the tin: it is a bringing together of all the beauty, love and healing we have gathered over the six days of the Goddess Conference and the ceremonial closing of the great Temple of the Goddess of Healing in gratitude, until it will unfold again for next year’s Goddess Conference.

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