Yuri Leitch

Yuri Leitch


Yuri Leitch has been a Glastonbury-based artist for the best part of twenty years (2001-2019). Yuri is now a nomadic artist; mostly sharing his time between Cornwall, Glastonbury, and the Channel Islands of Jersey, and Guernsey. He has written a number of books about Glastonbury and its esoteric history – from the Celtic Iron Age through to Dark Age Britain; the medieval Arthurian intrigues of Avalon and the Holy Grail; to the occult intrigues of the 19th and 20th centuries. He is particularly focused upon the return of the divine feminine in the original expressions of the many goddesses of the Brythonic Celts – including Nemetona, Elen, Rosmerta, and Brigid.

Website: http://www.yurileitch.co.uk/


Yuri will talk about the Elder Mother, ‘The Washer at the Ford’, she who cuts away all that no longer serves you.  The goddess star-lore of the winter months, the Cailleach aspects of Nemetona. The hag of wisdom who actually nurtures the seeds of the future generations.  Always respect your Elders.  There can be no rebirth without death.