Ula Paula

    Ula Paula has been trained in bodywork techniques and creative art therapies. She is inspired by any form of art and creativity which takes her closer to her Source. Intuitive painting and singing are the languages of her Soul that she enjoys sharing with others. She is also a massage therapist trained in Ayurveda, Chi Nei Tsang Taoist healing touch and Mayan Womb massage. Her work focuses on helping women reconnect to their healing powers through art, meditation and bodywork. Her work is holistic and aims to support women on all levels-physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. She offers online healing sessions combining energy work and self-massage techniques in order to balance the hormones, strengthen the reproductive health system and heal the emotional stories of the sacred Womb area. Each healing session is unique because each client requires different healing tools. Therefore Ula combines energy work, breath work, meditation, grounding, massage, sacred chanting and art work.
    She has been engaged in illustrating different channeled materials and children’s books. She also creates art: paintings, decorations and jewellery.
    Her soul is nomadic taking her to different sacred places in order to recharge. In the last couple of years she lives between Croatia and Portugal.

    -Osho Art Therapy course with Meera Hashimoto, Osho Centre Tuscany, Italy
    -Ayurvedic course, Ayurveda Nylayam, Tamilnadu, India
    -Chi Nei Tsang course, Taoist centre Omsala, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    -Reflexology course, Instituto de Reflexologia Integrada, Lisbon, Portugal
    -Mayan Womb massage course, Sobadamaya school, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Find out more about her work at Facebook page: UlaArt creativity.