Tess Joyce

Tess Joyce


I am clairsentient which means that I can feel energiesandaside from dowsing with a crystal, I receive guidance from my spirithealing team. I work with the energies of higher beings includingKrishna,Radha, Mary Magdalene, Christ consciousness, Archangel Michaelandenlightened elemental beings.  

Is something holding you back from experiencing flow of abundanceandpeace? Or would you like clarity about a certain issue through a card reading? Are you experiencing any sleep disturbances, head-aches, emotional problems or feeling drained? I use the Card Deck of the Sidhe and an Arthurian Tarot deck for clarification and am open to receive information from the land, ancestors and past lives to gain deeper understanding about a particular issue.


Card readings which also include reiki & clearing of energies.  

I work to transform blockages in your energy field to Source, abundance, flow, joyandpeace.  I use crystal grids, elven runesandchannel reiki to perform the clearing.  Pets can also be included. I am available in person in Avalon or online for 30, 60 or 90 minute Zoom sessions – I can also do long-distance offline card readings and clearings.