Svetlana Obonova – The Goddess Web

Svetlana Obonova – The Goddess Web


Svetlana Obonova – “My name is Svetlana. I am blessed to have been born and lived at a sacred power site, where an immense power of Mother Earth is concentrated precisely in Her loving and healing maternal energy. Since my early childhood, I have loved the beings of Mother Earth, I perceive them as actual living Beings, they have always been my loving friends and guides, they were revealing their secrets to me and were passing onto me the knowledge about their healing powers. No matter which paths my life took me, I always returned to the embrace of Mother Earth, to my beloved herbal guides. With them I was growing and have matured into trusting that I can and I am able to hand over their secrets also to the people around me. Therefore, it is with love that I share the knowledge they passed onto me and I open the people’s path to a deep recognition of the gifts of Mother Earth and their inner healers.”



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