Susan Marie started her musical career at the age of 11yrs she was head of a cathedral choir in Dhekelia Cyprus. Always drawn to any form of performing she has been in rock musicals, sang for large events including 22 thousand at Stonehenge Summer Solstice. Susan Marie has played folk and has had several bands including Morgana (a jazz fusion rock band). The jazz band, Get Wise saw Susan Marie as lead singer for many happy years. She has now written and released her new album Celestial Stones which reached the top spot in the Pagan Charts. It was a long time in the research stage and is about the standing stones, trees and Goddesses of Britain. Susan Marie has been in collaboration with long term friend Paul Gulliver who is her musical mentor and producer. Susan and her band have been very popular, performing sets and workshops at Pagan Gatherings. She continues to visit sacred sites to inspire her.