Starhawk is a writer, activist, permaculture designer and teacher, and a leading voice for ecofeminism and earth-based spirituality. She is the author of thirteen books on earth based spirituality and activism, including The Spiral Dance, The Earth Path, and The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, on group dynamics and social permaculture, and her novels, The Fifth Sacred Thing and City of Refuge.
Together with director Donna Read Cooper, Starhawk has worked on five major documentaries, including the Goddess Trilogy for the National Film Board of Canada and Permaculture: The Growing Edge.
Starhawk holds a double diploma in design and teaching from the Permaculture Institute of North America. She presently directs Earth Activist Training,, which teaches the tools of regenerative design with a grounding in spirit, a focus on social permaculture, organizing and activism. When not teaching internationally, she is developing a model of permaculture ranching at her Golden Rabbit Ranch. Her website is, and she is on Twitter @Starhawk17 and Facebook: