SILVA RAWNSLEY has attended the Glastonbury Goddess Conference since she was 6 months old and now at the age of seventeen she has been a part of the conference both as a participant and a Melissa as well as contributing to the ceremonies in a variety of ways. In the 2016’s Thursday night ‘Paradise Gardens’ she performed both sacred dance and song. As well as being part of the elemental ceremonies for the last two years, she has co-created the imbolc yearly ceremonies in the goddess hall in Glastonbury and in 2011 she opened the Goddess conference with a spoken word short story. As part of a goddess loving family Silva has been raised with a love for the Goddess spirituality and nature and an understanding of ceremony and holding space, which was enhanced by her home education. She is currently a performing arts student who specialises in dance. Silva combines Goddess and art throughout her life and aspires to spread compassion and Goddess spirituality in the things she does. This is her first year as a ceremonialist and she will be honouring the moon Goddess and bringing a maiden energy to the ceremonial circle.