Sharon Blackie

Sharon Blackie


Sharon Blackie, Dr.,  is an award-winning writer, psychologist and mythologist. Her highly acclaimed books, courses, lectures and workshops are focused on the development of the mythic imagination, and on the relevance of myths, fairy tales and folk traditions to the personal, cultural and environmental problems we face today. As well as writing five books of fiction and nonfiction, including the bestselling If Women Rose Rooted and her latest, Hagitude, her writing has appeared in anthologies, collections and in several international media outlets – among them the Guardian, the Irish Times, and the Scotsman. Her books have been translated into several languages, and she has been interviewed by the BBC, US public radio and other broadcasters on her areas of expertise. Her awards include the Roger Deakin Award, and a Creative Scotland Writer’s Award. Sharon is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and has taught and lectured at several academic institutions, Jungian organisations, retreat centres and cultural festivals around the world.



NOTE: Sharon Blackie’s in-person Goddess Conference contribution is pre-recorded.


In this talk, Sharon will focus on the Cailleach: the Old Woman of Gaelic literature and folklore, and the creator and shaper of the land. The talk will present the Cailleach as an ecological force: a wilderness (and in some cases, a seasonal) spirit who is also a guardian and protector of the natural world.