Sarah Perini

Graduated in foreign languages and literature at the University of Turin, with a historical and antopological background, she took part in masters and seminars deepening her knowledge about Goddess, Sacred Feminine, Feminism and Gender Studies, she inspire her researches and life at the work of Maria Gimbutas, Riane Eisler, Kathy Jones. She completed her training through contact and learning of the practices proposed by women spiritual seekers and teachers like Luciana Percovich, Kathy Jones, Katinka Soetens, Vicki Noble, Tsultrim Allione, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Starhawk, Phyllis Curott, Heide Göttner-Abendroth, and many others. She also contribute to organize their workshops, seminars and lectures in Italy. She cooperate since 2005 with Publishing Houses in the field of spirituality, like Psiche 2, Venexia, Ester, for the translation and publishing of Goddess oriented, feminist and spiritual books. She collaborates with the Laima Association since 2006 and with the Argiope Association since 2012, organizations that spread the sacred feminine culture in Italy. Since 2015, she is the President of the Association and Research Center for the Partnership The Temple of the Goddess in Turin. Independent researcher, author, editor, organizer, counselor. For fifteen years she has worked in the field of spirituality and women studies. She is the author of three books: Priestesses and Queens of Avalon in King Arthur’s Age, also available in English; Ask the Earth. The Art of Geomantic Divination; The Magic Symbolism of Coffee and it’s readings. Sarah has completed her studies and learning of sacred practices at the School of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in England, in the training for Priestess of the Goddess and Avalon with Kathy Jones and Erin McCauliff and and in the training for Priestess of Rhiannon with Katinka Soetens. Graduated Counselor at the International Institute of Educational Psychosynthesis of Turin. Founder and Director of the Turin Goddess Temple where she offer:
• Seasonal Ceremonies
• Circles of Women
• Counseling
• Tarot Reading
• Oracling Sessions
• Space Clearing and House Blessing Ceremonies
• Bespoke Ceremonies, Handfastings, Rites of Passages
• Goddess Events
• Workshops
• Lectures
Since 2013, Sarah Perini facilitates these Goddess Trainings at the Turin Goddess Temple and all around Italy:
• The Wheel of Avalon and Diana 3 years Training
• The Oracle Training 1 year
• The Wheel of Avalonia, Morgana and Viviana 1 year Training
• And see more on this webpages:
Sarah Perini’s Books:
1) Priestesses and Queens of Avalon in King Arthur’s Age, also available in English;
2) Ask the Earth. The Art of Geomantic Divination;
3) The Magic Symbolism of Coffee and the Art of Reading it.

Sarah Perini, Priestesses and Queens of Avalon in King Arthur’s age, Ed.Ester.
The mythology of Ancient Europe and Celtic people, reveals the great importance of women role in ancient civilisations, and the respect of the masculine and feminine members of the society. In Arthurian Literature we also meet powerful women who embodies spiritual and social power, these power derives from the Great Goddess and permeate all community. Magic, prophecy, learning, inspiration, arts and crafts, social rules, medicine were domains of priestess and queens. These women were the guide of their people and they guaranteed the fertility of the Earth and the unity of population.