Sara Motta

Sara Motta


Sara C. Motta is a proud mestiza salvaje of Colombia Chibcha, Polish Jewish and Celtic lineages. She is a mother, storyteller, poet, activist-political theorist, popular educator, Priestess of the Divine Feminine and convenes the Politics Discipline at the University of Newcastle, NSW. Sara has worked for over two decades with communities in struggle forging emancipatory and decolonising pedagogical and epistemological practices and resistances/re-existencias in, against and beyond patriarchal capitalist-coloniality in Europe, Latin America and Australia. She has co-created numerous radical education projects and processes and published widely in academic and activist-community outlets and her latest book (2018) Liminal Subjects: Weaving (Our) Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield) winner of the 2019 best Gender Theory and Feminist Book, International Studies Associate (ISA). She is currently writing her next book (M)other-Wise: A Wild Woman Politics.

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Decolonising Sovereignties, Enfleshing Liberation

  • 30 July, 2021
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