Sara C. Motta

Sara C. Motta


Sara C. Motta is a proud Mestiza-salvaje of Colombia-Chibcha/Muisca, Eastern European Jewish and Celtic linages currently living, loving and resisting on the unceded lands of the Awabakal and Worimi peoples, NSW, so called Australia. She is mother, survivor of state and intimate violences, poet, political theorist, popular educator, curandera and priestess of the divine feminine, and Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle, NSW. Sara has worked for over two decades with raced and feminised communities in struggle resistances/re-existencias in, against and beyond heteronormative capitalist-coloniality in Europe, Latin America and Australia. She has co-created numerous projects of radical healing and community wellbeing in resistance to the colonial-patriarchal state and its juridical violent containments and published widely in academic and activist-community outlets.


Her latest book (2018) Liminal Subjects: Weaving (Our) Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield) winner of the 2020 best Gender Theory and Feminist Book, International Studies Associate (ISA). She is currently writing her next book Motherwise: A Politics of the Wilds.



NOTE: Sara C. Motta’s in-person Goddess Conference contribution is pre-recorded.


Re-Weaving new-ancient pluridiverse justice-making (m)otherlines


What does it mean to stand naked in the vulnerability of the flesh as a (racialized) (m)other weaving back into be-ing a self of desire and a (m)otherline of black joy from the fragments of dispossession, exile and forced silence?  How do we come to re-member and not relegate to forgetting that we are held by the old ones, the ancient ones of our lineages, the abuelas present yet distant past/future? How do we touch the wisdoms buried within without falling back into spirals of ever repeating trauma and pain? What might it mean to speak in a new-ancient voice of our own that does not become complicit in the silence(ing) and is clear, radiant, opening yet fierce in its honouring of pluridiverse justice medicines? Sara will dwell and dive into these questions as she journeys as a mestiza salvaje with the ancient ones of her lineages of Chibcha/Muisca, Eastern European Jewish and Celtic (m)otherlines.