Sandra Román

Sandra Román


Sandra Román, is a Priestess of Avalon and the author of Goddess books and cards. On the occasion of the 2022 Goddess Conference, she will be presenting her latest book, published in English under the title: Female Powers and Grail Healers. Restoring the well-being of your Uterus. Recovering the Sovereignty of your body and life.


Published titles: Diosas & Shamankas; The Faces of the Goddess; Goddesses & Shamankas of the Southern Cross; The Rituals of the Goddess; Goddesses of Blood & Sun; From Avalon to the Southern Cross; Goddesses in your Daily Life; The Fairies of Avalon and The Grail Blessing: Keys to heal the Female Wound, beyond Gender.

Online Programme

HECATE IS HERE TO STAY: Our Journey Through the Second Saturn Return to become CRONES


Three faces of Hecate, three spinners that turn our destiny into forking paths and a torch that guides our steps in the dark: the light of our soul.


We will travel through the most crucial rite of passage of our lives to find the keys that unlock the mystery. Guided visualization and deep meditation will open the portals to the Greatest Initiation in our lifetime.