Sally Pullinger

Sally Pullinger


Sally Pullinger is a priestess, healer, earth and Goddess lover, mother, grandmother, musician, composer, and full trance spirit medium. She has been living with her family and working in Glastonbury for over 40 years. 



Soul Healing through Sound and Song with Priestess of Avalon Sally Pullinger

Together we will invite the Presence of Goddess into each of us, and listen for the Sound She creates inside our being where we are One with Her. Sometimes we need to create some space for Goddess Presence within us, sometimes we have to clear something old, painful, obstructive, before we can fully feel Her Presence, hear Her as Sound or Melody or Rhythm, or even feel Her as Movement and physical sensations.

The Sound and Song that heals comes from within our own being, the healing energy comes from our deep soul connection with Goddess within, though often the trigger for our Soul Song to rise within us can come from the outside, from someone else’s Soul-connected Song or Sound.

We will create a strong field of love, inspiration, and soul power in our gathering together, and each one will be supported and encouraged to express, not necessarily initially in song, but just to find all that is resonating within your heart, and start to open up and allow its expression in sound.

We will sing some songs together in between going deep to listen and bring forth each one’s authentic voice and sound. If you already have a healing song or chant you would love to share and sing with the group, that would also be a wonderful gift to bring. Sally will bring some of her healing songs to share and sing together.

Sing Along! 


We are very blessed with Sally as she, together with Yvette Staelens, is creating special new songs for the Goddess of Healing this year! We will learn to sing them together and chant them throughout the Conference!