Sally Bryant

Sally Bryant


Sally Bryant: ”I am recently recovering from breast cancer and am doing well, and would enjoy sharing my dance journey with healing health as a focus, as dance and movement are a strong medicine.

I am currently running courses in Glastonbury, through my school of Alchemical School of Sacred Movement and Dance, teaching training programmes.

I come from a background of Professional Dance Qualified Therapist and Massage and Reiki Practioner, Pilates.

Plus 35 years of teaching groups and private sessions in England and America and Europe, and recently studying The Rhiannon Goddess Training with Katinka Soetens in Glastonbury.


The Alchemy Of Movement and Dance


A powerful embodiment to assist soul retrieval into wholeness and wellbeing transforming the old into new, the dark into light, the sadness into joy, stuckness into freedom, old into new.


I have danced all my life, and now also, from 5 years to 74 years old. It has supported me through life changes events such as grief, loss, loneliness, separation, divorces, breast cancer and recovery. My soul loves to move and dance, to feel alive.


Please come and join me in calling in and embodying the magical energy of Bride, maiden Goddess of healing wholeness. We shall awaken the fire energy of new life, transformation, purity, freedom in the body.


Focusing on gentle warm up, using connected breathing, healing pilates stretches and centering to ground ourselves. Then moving into taking a dance journey with the many faces of Bride, using inspiring music, visualization, movement, dance and healing tools. Connecting with each other in circle to complete.


I look forward to meeting and sharing the Dance!