Safron Rossi

Safron Rossi


Safron Rossi, Ph.D., has spent her life steeped in mythology, literature, and art. She is a member of the Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies MA/PhD program as well as an archetypal psychological astrologer. Her writing and scholarly studies focus on Greek mythology, archetypal psychology, astrology, and goddess traditions. She also had the privilege of being the Curator of the Joseph Campbell, James Hillman and Marija Gimbutas manuscript collections at Opus Archives.


Safron is author of The Kore Goddess: A Mythology & Psychology (2021), co-editor of Jung on Astrology (2017) and editor of Joseph Campbell’s Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine (2013). Safron has published articles in Jungian, Archetypal, and astrological journals and lectures across the US and internationally in Europe, South America and Australia.


The Contained Rhythm of the Kore-Maiden

The Kore, Greek for Virgin or Maiden, is a mysterious figure. Youthful and elusive, the Kore personifies an archetypal state of being wherein a person becomes one-in-herself. Drawing from her research for her book The Kore Goddess: A Mythology and Psychology (2021), in this presentation Dr. Safron Rossi will draw out the pattern of the Kore archetype through archaic Greek statues so to discern some of the ways in which the Kore appears in life and where we can cultivate our connection to this figure.