Sadhu lives and works in service of love. He serves Rhiannon, Goddess of Love as Her Sacred Sexual Priest. He delights in sharing transformational tools and practices for empowerment in the workshops, courses and individual sessions he offers. In his work as sexual shamanic practitioner, Sadhu facilitates your deepening of your connection to your body, your emotional and sexual expression, and supports you to live in conscious relationship with yourself and others. Sadhu is also a sexological bodyworker, sacred intimate, movement & meditation teacher, shadow hunter, storyteller, and facilitator of men’s events and trainings. He has a deep passion for play, movement, touch, ritual, mythology, sexual freedom, collaboration, community and embodying the flow of life, the dance of Goddess. Over the years Sadhu has delighted in serving at the Goddess Conference in various forms: including as Melissa, Ceremonialist, and this year, as part of the Circle Priest/ess team.
He currently lives in Amsterdam.
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