Sadhu Valakhilyas

Sadhu Valakhilyas


Sadhu Valakhilyas lives and works in service of love. He serves the Goddess of Love in Her many expressions, as Her Sacred Sexual Priestyx.



Sadhu is a powerfully present, clear, warm, and playful facilitator, guide, and space-holder, who brings expertise in ritual process, erotic empowerment, embodiment practices, shadow work, and conscious relating. Sadhu is a sex, intimacy, and relationship coach, who works with individuals, couples, throuples, and groups, in Amsterdam and internationally. He currently lives in Amsterdam.



Over the years Sadhu has delighted in serving at the Goddess Conference in various roles: as Melissa, Ceremonialist, Directional Priest/ess, Presenter, and Workshop Facilitator. Sadhu is excited to again serve in the Directional Priest/ess Circle for the 2023 Goddess Conference, and will also offer an in-person workshop, and an online presentation.


Kali Has Your Back 

Come feel the primal, supporting forces of Pratyangira Kali, ‘Goddess of Last Resort’. She who has our back in our most raw, desolate, and rejected places.

Vital and ancient, Pratyangira Kali, brings us back to love through assimilating all the pain and hurt of life experience. She absorbs and alchemizes life’s full spectrum of experience to exude love.

Sadhu will guide you on a soul journey through the mythic realms to encounter Pratyangira Kali as She who remains when everything else is stripped away.

You’ll be guided in deepening your capacity to rest back into yourself, into the support of others, and to rest back into life & Goddess.

Get ready to enter the transformative depths of Kali, through movement, breath, touch, and connection practices, that activate your back body and you feeling supported there!

Online Programme

She Who Slows Time


Hag Queen Of The 13th Hour, ‘She Who Slows Time’ meets us in our greatest challenges and crises, when all is but lost. 

She is ‘Keeper Of The Cage Puzzle Of Initiation’.

She comes to us when we are imprisoned in our thinking.

She dissolves the racing of our worldly pulls, permeating us with her great slowing, so that we see through the illusion of the bars of our self imposed cages, and limitations.


In this interactive talk Sadhu will unpack Her super-power of slowing, in contrast to the quickening power of Spring. 

You’ll discover how ‘She Who Slows Time’ slips through the veils into timelessness. 


Through powerful tantra-inspired meditation practices, created by Sadhu, you’ll decode the magic of the Crone Goddess, and embody her power to slow time and reside in infinite spaciousness!