Sadhu Valakhilyas – The Goddess Web

Sadhu Valakhilyas – The Goddess Web


Sadhu Valakhilyas lives and works in service of love. He serves the Goddess of Love in Her many expressions, as Her Sacred Sexual Priestyx.



Sadhu is a powerfully present, clear, warm, and playful facilitator, guide, and space holder, who brings expertise in ritual process, erotic empowerment, embodiment practices, shadow work, and conscious relating. 



Sadhu is a sex, intimacy, and relationship coach, who works with individuals, couples, throuples, and groups, in Amsterdam and internationally. He currently lives in Amsterdam.



Over the years Sadhu has delighted in serving at the Goddess Conference in various roles: as Melissa, Ceremonialist, Directional Priest/ess, Presenter, and Workshop Facilitator.




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The Deep Diving Goddess Of Healing

Explore the deep diving aspect of Healing Goddess as She who activates what has been overlooked. She who brings her healing as deepening. Deepening into what is already present, yet often dormant. She is mermaid, retrieving lost parts from our (ocean) depths so that they may breathe their magic and gift into our lives.

How can we receive the healing gifts of depth?

What if our capacity to make meaning is an immense source of healing in our lives?

How are we hooked into healing as a getting of something that we believe is missing?

Enter the depth realms of the Mermaid Goddess where She reveals the gift of time well spent in maturation.