Sabrina Moon

Sabrina Moon


Sabrina Moon, Lady, is Founder and Presiding High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Moon All Inclusive Communities,Solar Tribe and The Hive Pagan Youth Group. Ceremonialist, Healer, Educator, Artist, Mother, and Lover of the Earth, Lady Sabrina has practiced Goddess-centered Spirituality and Witchcraft for over 25 years.


Her personal magick is based in the transformative powers of love and the cosmic expansion of the soul through earth based magick and ceremony, trance, sound healing, movement, and in providing sacred service to all beings in search of the loving embrace of the Great Cosmic Mother. She received her High Priestess Ordination in the Sisterhood of the Moon tradition from Lady Jesamyn Angelica in 2022.


Lady Sabrina Moon is currently in sacred service at Sisterhood of the Moon to Solar Tribe, The Hive Pagan Youth Group, and center holder for our Sisterhood’s Red Tent Magick, Dinah. The Sisterhood of the Moon Temple is located in California within the San Francisco Bay Area, United States



Rite of Medusa Devotional with Lady Sabrina Moon & Solar Tribe

Medusa, Medousa, Serpent Priestess, Gorgon Queen, Seer of the Future, She Who is the Great 
Awakener beckons us to shed old skins that no longer serve our path. Medusa offers us the knowledge of the ecstatic connection between youth and time, pain and pleasure, beauty and horror, and divinely forbidden desires. The sacred Crone sister of the Triple Goddess Triad, Medusa shines Her deep gaze upon our hearts illuminating the place within us where the power to hold a wild stillness informs our transformation. Sovereign in Her body, holding the seeds of wisdom and courageous action within, Medusa brings us to the place of accessing this knowledge. She shines her light upon the old and tired stories that we have carried for far too long. This Serpent of Truth invites us to willingly stand before Her sacred mirror to be witnessed as we seek and shed through ecstatic ritual to invoke the courage to move forward in life.

Through this sacred ceremony of meditation, music, and movement we will journey to the embrace of Medusa, Holy Crone, and Her sacred mirror. 

Your heart is invited within the Temple of Medusa, to heal, to transform, and to celebrate life!