Sabrina Moon – The Goddess Web

Sabrina Moon – The Goddess Web


Sabrina Moon, Ceremonialist, Healer, Educator, and Artist has practiced Goddess-centered Spirituality and Witchcraft for over 25 years. Her sacred work is rooted in healing through the embodiment of self-love and providing sacred service to all Beings in search of the loving embrace of the Great Cosmic Mother.


Her personal magick is based in the transformative powers of love and the cosmic expansion of the soul through Earth based magick and ceremony. Sabrina Moon’s sacred tools of ceremony are the great Mythos of the Goddess, trance, sound healing, ritual theater, singing, music, and movement.


Sabrina Moon is the Creatrix and Presiding High Priestess of Solar Tribe and The Hive Pagan Youth Group, Sisterhood of the Moon All Inclusive Communities. She received her High Priestess Ordination in the Sisterhood of the Moon tradition from Lady Jesamyn Angelica in 2022. Her sacred title is Lady Sabrina Moon. She is currently in sacred service at Sisterhood of the Moon to Solar Tribe, The Hive Pagan Youth Group, and center holder for our Sisterhood’s Red Tent Magick, Dinah. The Sisterhood of the Moon Temple is located in California within the San Francisco Bay Area, United States. 



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Rite of Idunn, an online ceremony with Sabrina Moon, of sound healing, meditation, and movement to discover and embody our inner healer. 

Idunn, Norse Goddess of Healing and Rejuvenation, holds the Golden Apple of Wisdom and Immortality at Her bosom. She brings to us the fresh and courageous energy of the Maiden. The One who is unafraid and unabashedly steps forward to learn, love, and heal within life. Idunn brings the knowing that through the continuation of learning, opening our hearts, and expanding our minds, our souls remain ever young. Through the movement, guided meditation, and the healing frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls, we will connect with and flow with the energies of the Healer and the Maiden. this offering allows you to tap into the in person magicks of the Goddess conference