Roz Bound

Roz Bound


Roz Bound, D.Min, writer, priestess, healer, and elder, creates safe and sacred space for writers as she nurtures them in their transformational process. She serves her Canadian community by offering meditation circles, Open Floor readings, public celebrations of the Solstices and Equinoxes, always stressing the vital importance of Goddess, myth and ritual. Coming to the Goddess Conference since its inception in 1996, Roz headed the Registration team for 18 years, loving the honour of having one foot in the circle and one foot in the street until 2019. Her most recent book, Aging Consciously, Dying Awake, is a collage of memoir, poetry, and story; her poetry books are Spirit of Lyme and The Fireman’s Child. A second book is underway – Tying off the Threads. As this goes to print, Roz is about to become a great-grandmother. She lives with her partner Vicki on an almost-island in Ontario, and believes that love is ultimately the only way through.


My Inner Crone

Goddess makes Her presence known in me as my Inner Crone when She nudges my memory, encourages my voice to speak out and my soul to dance in the Now.  She is within you too. Crone’s wisdom is needed now more than ever, as Mother Earth enters Her own winter, a time of fragility and death of all that is familiar. This crone-body of mine emerges at a time when culture tells us that signs of ‘old age’ are to be feared and aging minds are feeble.  But just as our inner child’s wounds need healing so does our inner crone need honouring by embracing Her old age, not denying Her presence. She grows in wisdom and power as we age. Cherishing our own aging process will let us journey forward, each as an integrated whole, healing the crone’s pain, both from the past and today’s depictions. However old we are, we own crone energy and must use it wisely as we journey through these times

Writing with the Inner Crone

The Crone’s love and wisdom will flow forth in this interactive writing workshop when we free Her to share this gift of sacred space and time to write, listen and be heard.  As you call forth your Inner Crone through imaginative exercises, meditation and sharing, She will surprise you with what shows up on your page!  New and well-seasoned writers of all ages and writing genres are welcome.  Please bring your favourite writing materials.