Roz Bound – The Goddess Web

Roz Bound – The Goddess Web


Roz Bound, D.Min, writer, priestess, healer, great-grandmother, and elder, serves her community by offering public celebrations of the Solstices and Equinoxes, meditation circles, Open Floor readings, and discussion groups on evolution and consciousness, always stressing the vital importance of Goddess, myth and ritual.  Coming to the Goddess Conference since its inception in 1996, Roz headed the Registration team for 18 years, loving the honour of having one foot in the circle and one foot in the street until 2019. Her most recent book, Aging Consciously, Dying Awake, is a collage of memoir, poetry, and story; her poetry books are Spirit of Lyme and The Fireman’s Child.  A second book is underway – Tying off Threads. Roz lives with her partner Vicki on an almost-island in Ontario, and believes that love is ultimately the only way through.  





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Healing in the Everyday

Cherishing our own aging process lets us journey forward, tying off threads with the past and walking each other home into the future.  The older I get, the more grounded I feel; healing consciously plays a bigger part in my life.  Regardless of age, our path is a sacred one, 24/7, and healing is an integral part of that path.  I look forward to sharing this time with you, to send loving healing out into the world together and to recognize and honour the healing times that arise in the everyday