Rah-Nomvula Busby – The Goddess Web

Rah-Nomvula Busby – The Goddess Web


Water Medicine Woman Rah- Nomvula Busby was first Initiated into her work by her Yoni – her Divine Lotus.  As her Wounded healer journey unfolded, many layers of trauma rose like the Lotus flower from the murky waters of her life. Her ancestors called her awareness into the ancestral, sexual, intergenerational, racial and social trauma within her and within her lineages. She grew up in the Cape Flats , with grandparents who only had apartheid passes and no proper identification cards.   Her sacred vocation as a Yoni Steam Practitioner unfolded after many years of participating in sweat lodges and being apprenticed to a Native American Elder. She works with all the traumas of the Yoni and Root,  and she she is anchored  in the indigenous water medicine path. She has pilgrimaged throughout the world to reweave her connection to the divine feminine as she has been honored and revered by her indigenous ancestors.  Her third culture or tri-racial ancestry – Bushmen, Indian- Malay Muslim and Irish allows her to be a bridge between the races, the ancestral, the traditional and the emerging. 


In 2016 Rah received the name Nomvula – Mother of the Rains from Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, followed by her Initiation as a Water Medicine Woman by her Elder Mandaza Kandemwa. 


Rah Nomvula has taken a Vow to Serve only Love and it is this frequency that she priestesses into all of her sacred work. Her sacred work includes Yoni steam sessions, Abdominal massage, Water ceremonies, Indigenous Ancestral Medicine, Divine Lotus Temple workshops, Yoni Steam Practitioner Training and a 12 month Divine Lotus Feminine Mysteries program. She works worldwide and is currently adding Family & Systems Constellations work to her sacred offerings. 


Website: www.divinelotus.co.za
Contact: +27 721786179 or rah360@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/divinerah/and https://www.instagram.com/divinelotuscc/

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Daughters of the Healing Spirits; Daughters of the Healing Waters


A 25 minute pre-recorded online prayer and ritual presentation created collaboratively by Aja Marneweck, Makgathi Mokwena and Rah Nomvula Busby (as well as other healers and priestesses) in the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town South Africa.