Rachel Walker – The Goddess Web

Rachel Walker – The Goddess Web


Tachel Walker is the best-selling author of Lupa and Wolf, as well as a sacred dance teacher, priestess, empowerment and flower essence coach. She is the creatrix of Wolf Woman Rising, a wisdom school where she empowers you to embody your wisdom, reclaim your authentic, wild, untamed self and create a life lived on purpose. Through online community, courses and training, as well as in-person retreats and workshops she initiates all in embodied mythology, nature alchemy & divine connection.





Instagram: Instagram/wolfwomanrisingofficial

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Healing with Wolves


Learn how the spirit, archetype and deities of the Maiden Wolves can support you in re-awaken your desires, senses and joy and heal your wounds around play, sensuality, pleasure and learning.


In this contribution, you will:

~ Discover how you can embody the archetype of the Maiden, or Wolf Pup, and learn how to trust your intuition and your wild, untamed self, so that you can live your most liberated and fulfilled life! 

~ Explore the Maiden Wolf deities, such as Goddesses Diana, Artemis and Flidais, and learn about their specific healing and wisdom.