Pixie Raven

Pixie Raven


Pixie Raven is an accomplished witch, speaker, and author. Completely immersing herself in Paganism since the age of 12 Raven has gained a respectful audience across the United Kingdom with her workshops and talks about witchcraft, divination, and soul purpose. 

Raven has been a solitary witch from a teenager and has also been a part of a Coven in her late teens to early twenties. Now an aspiring Priestess, Raven is concentrating on delivering inclusive and interactive courses that allow the learner to develop all areas of their spirituality, not only of their witchcraft but other areas such as Star Beings and Goddess Lore whilst also filling gaps in their knowledge. 

​Working closely with Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses The Thirteenth Great Grand-daughter of Old Demdike, the Matriarch of the Pendle Witches (Elizabeth Southern) Raven has researched and practiced all avenues of Ancestral Wounds and their healing. Thus allowing her to help others on their own path of finding solace from the burning times and also within their own epigenetic inheritance. 

​Raven has come up with the concept of Ravens Dawn, due to Aleister Crowleys’ previous works in wishing to make witchcraft more accessible to all. Ravens Dawn will appeal to those who wish to learn and engage with their own proactive learning in an interactive, fun, and like-minded environment. With live lectures from Raven plus guests including access to forums, guidance, and accredited courses by the IPHM.