Pete Warnock is an international coach, facilitator, teacher and therapist. After a series of awakenings in 1992 Pete began training and subsequently working in the field of personal healing, transformation and spirituality. In this time he has worked internationally as a practitioner and teacher of various presence and awakening based modalities. As a 1-1 session giver he works in the fields of bodywork, healing and energy work, sacred intimacy, breath work, coaching and meditation. As a teacher and facilitator he has an engaging, fun and down to earth approach to spirituality, embodiment and transformation. He has a knack of helping people awaken to deeper levels of love, connection and vibrancy. Since 2008 he has in a deeply fulfilling tantric relationship with his partner, Kalindi Jordan, an international teacher of intimacy and sexual healing – together they run sacred intimacy based events and retreats.