Sue Wallace
    Sue Wallace has been the co-facilitator on Stone Seeker tours for many years. She brings along many decades of experience of self-searching, dowsing, drumming, and chanting. She has a deep relationship with the Earth and its sacred places, often connecting intuitively with trees and elementals, frequently through chant and song. She is the co-author with Peter of their new book, ‘Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons’, to which she brought her profound connection with Nature to the fore. She has also lead dowsing workshops, is a proof-reader, creates high-quality drum bags, and is an experienced and qualified shiatsu, reiki and acupressure therapist, with a keen interest in healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

    Peter Knight
    Peter is the author of 11 books on sacred sites and ancient wisdom, including his groundbreaking books on Dorset, West Kennet Long Barrow and the Cerne Giant. His book Stolen Images is the seminal work on how Christianity adopted ancient Pagan symbols, and his book, Dartmoor Mindscapes – Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape, has universally received good reviews. He founded Stone Seeker Tours and Stone Seeker Publishing, and is co-founder of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group. He has spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe and USA, including Megalithomania, Society of Ley Hunters, Glastonbury Symposium, and The Gatekeeper Trust, and has appeared on TV and radio. Peter is a sacred sites guide and the facilitator of profound, mindful-walking weekends on Dartmoor.