Pamela Gaunt

Pamela Gaunt


Pamela Gaunt is a priestess storyteller, dancer, mythmaker and holder of the cauldron of transformation- disguised as a psychotherapist, and river healing peace activist. She lives on her beloved estuary in West Wales, having worked in a nearby Celtic Iron Age Fort, creating storytelling, rituals and painting warrior woad blessings. 


She was then called to heal and transform the legend of the castle in her local market town where the Last Dragon was Killed. As  Artistic Director of the Heart of the Dragon festival -she facilitated her community finding a Dragons egg (mysteriously appearing in a coracle on the river which flows around the castle)  and giving birth to a new Baby Dragon! 


Then another story called for her attention …. And then another…..




Healing Our Stories

Dreams are our personal myth and myths are our collective dream. So…Once, long ago and even now…we may take our inner child by the hand, wrap her warm and snug in a little red coat and tell her this story. 

”One day , when we grow up,  we will live new myths where slayed dragons are re born, burnt witches arise from the ashes, temples of the Goddess are rebuilt, Salome retrieves her seven veils, Mary Magdalene is  redeemed and we will be resurrected from the Underworld over and over until we are beautiful. Then we will raise the sword of fire so we may freely return to Eves garden! ”

Inner child is very excited ….bring her along (and any wounded stories that need healing ) to become a story-healer.

”Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan’

For the Friday embodiment evening, a “Swan Maiden story-journey” facilitated by priestess storyteller Pamela Gaunt.

Together we will revision this tale of transformation- swimming within currents of the river’s journey. 

We may quack and quake on duckling’s quest, finding our place in the story as we dive deep through wounding challenges. Perhaps white feathers of true beauty will unfurl when we surface and fly to our own swansong..??