Nikoletta Pozsgai

Nikoletta Pozsgai


Nikoletta Pozsgai – Priestess of the Great Mother, teacher and guardian of Goddess Heritage, researcher, writer and trainer.

Her teachings follow the Golden Lady Tradition of Maghari Wisdom Keepers.  She has written a great number of publications, and regularly holds presentations on Goddess Archaeomythology, mostly concerning Old Europe, the Carpathian Basin, and the Cradles of Civilizations through the ages. She loves traveling to sacred grounds of earlier cultures. Tapping into the memories of the guardians, connecting with devas of the land she collects information also from the unseen.

The results of her worldwide travels and researches help her safeguard World Goddess Heritage and make it known for others. She founded the Budapest World Goddess Heritage Temple to serve, protect and celebrate sacred life, and leads the House of Sacred Life, dedicated to the Flame of Life Mysteries. Runs priestess trainings, holds woman empowerment workshops, organizes retreats on sacred feminine wisdom.

7 books of her on different fields of self-fulfillment have been published, the bestselling among them titled Womb Empowerment – Sacred Path of Feminine Creation is already available in English. For this year conference she prepared a talk on Dragonology: The Lost and Found Connection of Dragons to the Goddess.



Dragonology: The Lost and Found Connection of Dragons to the Goddess

The prophecies say there will come a time of the dragons’ return. Can it be true? What does it mean? Is it exciting or fearful? Due to cultural bias, misinterpretations and distortions, the character and the symbolism of dragons have changed to a great extent. As a consequence we have nearly lost the wisdom of dragons earlier people knew, invoked, celebrated and lived.

The talk will summarize a research of dragon mythology and dragon symbolism from the Old Chinese, Sumerian, Breton, Celtic and Maghari traditions through the middle ages until nowadays shedding light on why it is so important to restore our beliefs of the dragons. Beyond mythology Nikoletta will share some of the most intriguing parts of her findings and experiences with inner alchemist traditions and her martial arts studies.

With this overview of dragonology it will be easier to understand the heritage of ancient dragon riders, the Dragon Knights, the knight templars and the Grail Knights or even the dragon fighter kung fu traditions. AND the teachings of female dragon riders, warriors and dragon priestesses. Who were they? What is their connection with the Goddess? ….and You? Come and see.



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