Nikoletta Pozsgai is a Women Empowerment Activist, ordained Grail Priestess, a dedicated guardian of World Goddess Heritage, researcher, writer and trainer.
As the leader of the School of The Golden Age in Hungary, she runs a wide range of courses on becoming Golden Age Men and Women, Golden Alchemy and Unio Mystica. Her teachings follow the tradition of the Great Alchemy of Becoming Gold according to the initiated spiritual leaders of the Maghari People – both male and female shamans. She has written a great number of publications, and regularly holds presentations on Goddess Archeomithology, mostly concerning Old Europe, the Carpathian Basin, and the Cradles of Civilizations through the ages. She loves travelling to sacred grounds of earlier cultures. Tapping into the memories of the guardians, connecting with devas of the land she collects information also from the unseen. The results of her worldwide travels and researches help her safeguard World Goddess Heritage and make it known for others. You can find more on this on
She is also founder of the Budapest Grail Center, where she trains Grail Priests and Priestesses to serve, protect and celebrate sacred life, sacred sexuality and especially the womb as the holy Grail of the Great Goddess embodied in women. When in Hungary you are welcome to visit the Center, check in at before.
7 books of her on different fields of self-fulfilment have been published, the bestselling among them titled Womb Empowerment is already available in English. For this year conference she prepared a talk and a workshop on Sun Goddess Alchemy – a priceless gem of the Maghari wisdom women of the Golden Lady Tradition.

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