Nikoletta Pozsgai – The Goddess Web

Nikoletta Pozsgai – The Goddess Web


Nikoletta Pozsgai – Priestess of the Great Mother, teacher and guardian of Goddess Heritage,  researcher of Herstory, writer and trainer. Her teachings follow the Golden Lady Tradition of Maghari Wisdom Keepers. She has written a great number of publications, and regularly holds presentations on Goddess Archaeomythology, mostly concerning Old Europe, the Carpathian Basin, and the Cradles of Civilizations through the ages. 


The results of her worldwide travels and researches help her safeguard World Goddess Heritage and make it known for others. She founded the Budapest World Goddess Heritage Temple and leads the House of Sacred Life, dedicated to the Flame of Life Mysteries. 


Runs priestess trainings, holds woman empowerment workshops, organizes retreats on sacred feminine wisdom. 7 books of her on different fields of self-fulfillment have been published, the bestselling among them titled Womb Empowerment – Sacred Path of Feminine Creation is already available in English. 




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Healing the Goddess wounds of the feminine

During the last two millennia Goddess has been rejected, neglected, ridiculed, the power of the feminine has generally been declared dangerous therefore wisdom and medicine women got hunted, tortured, eliminated.  What are the symptoms of the Goddess Wounds and how can you heal them?  Witch hunt, sister rivalry, demonization are the main topics to shed light on. It is high time for us to look into the shadows of human history. We are here to restore Herstory, empower ourselves and step into our true feminine powers. How shall we do it? Remembering, healing and regeneration are the key factors. How far have we got as individuals and as a collective? What lies ahead?