Nicole Andrea “Oshia” Pemberton

Nicole Andrea “Oshia” Pemberton


Nicole Andrea “Oshia” Pemberton is Nicole is a Master Alchemical facilitator, Certified Akashic record reader, Temple Body Artist/Mentor/Priestess, Womb Priestess, Multidimensional Goddess Channel, Certified Crystal and Reiki practitioner, Speaker and Dance artist.  Her lineage comes from the islands of Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the countries of England and Canada.  

For over 25 years Nicole has dedicated her life to the arts, wellness, and empowerment. Nicole has studied in Health and embodiment coaching, Womb Wellness, Spirituality, Divine feminine and Goddess arts, Intuitive channeling, somatic movement, energy modalities (Reiki, Crystal therapy). She has performed nationally in Canada and Internationally in places such as New York and Trinidad and Tobago; continues to hold space and has currently facilitated movement experiences with over 100,000 + humans. 

Nicole holds a degree/BA in dance, choreography, and performance. She is a Temple Body Arts  Artist/Mentor/Priestess, Reiki/Crystal/Womb Wellness practitioner, Embodiment coach.

Through her own journey with the removal of 10 massive fibroids; began a path of developing practices and systems that support womxn in finding liberation through their wombs. Nicole stands for the disruption of the systems that try to disempower the connection to the most intimate part of our bodies that has been built on the foundation of racism and trauma! Through this deep initiation Nicole has birthed The Goddess Moves, a sacred space for womxn and womb Carriers who say YES to Embodied Multifaceted Self Mastery. 

This is a revolution that brings transformation from the womb to owning one’s rooted power, clarity in the voice, juicy pleasure, and magnetic embodiment. 

Devoted to ushering in a new Liberation!

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Alchemical Movement Ritual

Transformative dance ceremony where all bodies, humans, genders, and cultures are welcome. The space is created with the intention to shift, release, and ignite. Enter the space one way and leave illuminated. This ritual includes meditation, sound healing, breath work, movement, energy clearing, womb wisdom, journal reflection, and group sharing.