Ness Bosch

Ness Bosch


Ness Bosch is a Shamaness and Priestess. She shares her shamanic teachings of the Path of Bones worldwide. She is the Organizer of the Scottish Goddess Conference. Ness is Head of the Scota Temple of the Goddess in Scotland, where she teaches the Priesthood of Alba. She also directs the Temple of the Waters, from which she shares a Priesthood of the Sea and Waters since 2012. She is Co-Founder of the Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions. Ness was Coordinator in Spain for the Pagan Federation, and now holds a chair in the Pagan Heathen Symposium. She is Priestess Hierophant within FOI, and was the first Spanish Torchbearer of the Covenant of Hekate.



Clota, Sovereign Goddess of the Clyde

In this talk we are going to explore Clota / Clutha, Sovereign Goddess of the Waters of the River Clyde in Scotland. Clota comes to us as Goddess beloved and sought after by her devotees. Hidden in the shadows of history, she is a very much alive Goddess and her cult grows in a resurgence, throughout the lands bathed by her waters. Join Ness Bosch in this exploration of the Scottish Goddess.