Miranda is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher on the cyclic nature of women and women’s spirituality and energies. She supports each woman’s uniqueness, encouraging and guiding them to explore their cyclic nature to create wellbeing and awareness of the Divine Feminine within themselves.

Miranda is the author of a number of books on women’s cyclic awareness and spirituality, including the ground-breaking books ‘Red Moon – Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle’ and ‘The Optimized Woman’. As an artist, she has illustrated books on mythology and spirituality, as well as tarot and oracle decks.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing, which Miranda initiated in 2012, is a growing global female spiritual movement in over 150 countries which initiates the awakening of authentic female energies.


“The Womb Blessing is a path for women to awaken their authentic femininity, and my books are a guide to living this amazing femininity in the modern masculine world.”