Maya Vassallo is the founder of the Tempio della Grande Dea in Roma, the Temple of the Great Goddess to which she dedicates her life, serving Her as Priestess of the Sea and Priestess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality. She trains Priests and Priestesses of the Sea and of Aphrodite in the Three Years Sacred Training between Rome and Amalfi Coast. She is Priestess of Avalon from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Sister of Rhiannon, actress, writer and artist. Maya offers sessions of Spiritual Counseling and Holistic Therapies also via Skype and she teaches the Wheel of Aphrodite for English and Italian speaking people for correspondence: this is a year long Sacred Path to dive into Aphrodite’s Mysteries. She is Aura-Soma Counselor, 72 Angels of Kabbalah Counselor, Advanced Moon Mother, Reiki Master and Deeksha Giver from Oneness University of India, a place that, together with Mexico, Thailand and Avalon, was very important in her spiritual training. After a Degree in Science of Communication – Journalism, a second one in Publishing and Journalism (with a thesis on Magic, Spirituality and mass-media) and a third one in Performative Arts at the European Academy of Dramatic Arts, with an experimental thesis entitled “Eros and Thanatos in Shakespeare”, she refined the study of Shakespearean acting (in the original language) with actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London. She deepened her spiritual research thanks to teachers of international relief. She integrates methods of acting training with Tantra, holistic therapies and Goddess Spirituality in paths dedicated to the awakening and balancing of one’s own unique energy, aiming at re-membering the Goddess in each person as well as in the community and in Nature.

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