Maya Vassallo is the Founder of the Tempio della Grande Dea (Temple of the Great Goddess) of Rome, to which she dedicates her life, serving “Her” as Priestess of the Sea and Priestess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality. She teaches the Three Year Sacred Training “Priest-ess of the Sea, Priest-ess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality”, the One Year Individual Online Training “Daughter/Son of Aphrodite” and holds workshops and talks in Goddess Spirituality. She is also a Priestess of Avalon from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Ceremonialist, Healer, actress, writer and artist. Maya Vassallo offers Healing Therapies and Individual Mentoring Sessions in Spirituality and Holistic Medicine as well as Sacred Sexuality Counselling for individuals and for couples also via Skype. Her journeys across various Sacred Lands all around the world, among which are, Cyprus, Glastonbury Avalon, India, Thailand and Mexico, and her studies with wise Spiritual Teachers of international regards had a big part in her spiritual training. This led her to dedicate her life to Aphrodite, founding “Her” first modern Temple in Italy, more than 2000 years after the destruction of all “Her” Temples by patriarchy. The “Temple of the Great Goddess” has been awakened in Rome, a city sacred to Aphrodite, a marvellous land despoiled by patriarchy that is now raising again in Her love.