is a Sacred Sexual Priestess, a co-teacher of the first Spiral of the Rhiannon Training. She is Priestess of Rhiannon, a therapist, healer, Soul Midwife/End of life Doula and Sacred Celebrant and she walks Rhiannon’s path of love.

Marisa has been living in Glastonbury/ Avalon since 2009 and now has become a full-time priestess. She is based at the Goddess house, Glastonbury as a therapist & healer, this and her Priestess work is supported from trainings with Hypnosis, ISTA, NLP, cognitive therapy, Shamanic Medicine Wheel, and sexual and emotional healing teachings/ practices.

As part of the wider community, Marisa regularly holds Death cafés and sound Baths, co co-ordinates the LGBTQ meets up, works as a volunteer Marie Curie. She is a sacred tour and walk guide, incorporating her shamanic and pagan teachings. She is an activist and a lover of the land, co-owns a magical woodland.