Marion Brigantia

Marion Brigantia


Marion ‘Brigantia’ van Eupen is a Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia and of Avalon, Sister of Rhiannon and Goddess Luminary Leader. She is a mother of two grown-ups and moved from The Netherlands to Glastonbury in 2009 to be able to devote her time to Goddess.


Marion is the co-organiser of this, our beautiful annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference, together with Katinka Soetens, with whom She is also co-founder and holder of the Temple of Avalon, the Pagan temple in Glastonbury, UK, dedicated to all deities, spirits and elementals of Avalon.

Marion is the teacher-founder of the Brighde-Brigantia teachings, which are now taught by Priestesses of Brighde-Brigantia in five European countries as well as in the UK and online.

Marion is a Spiritual Teacher of more than 15 years, Workshop Facilitator, Ceremonialist, Sacred Guide of Tour and Walks (Mystical Earth Tours), Author, Healer, Oracle Priestess & Shamanic Drummer. It is her joy and pleasure to share her love for Goddess in all the way She manifests with all who seek to know Her.


The five-fold fires of Brigid-Brighde-Brigantia


Traditionally Brigid was seen as a triple Goddess, and was known as the Goddess of the Triple Fire or Flame. But as we all know: ‘She changes everything She touches and everything She touches changes’.


Having journeyed and taught with Brigid for over 19 years, Marion has experienced and shared in her teachings how this great Celtic Goddess has evolved into a Goddess of a five-fold fires.


In her talk this morning, Marion shares what Brigid’s fires are and how you She inspires you to manifest them in your life to become even more radiant!

Brigid in Avalon


Brigid is very present in Glastonbury-Avalon, as Goddess, Saint and through Her Priest/esxes! Today Marion will take you on a walk to Brides Mound and Bride’s Well, to experience Her presence her in the landscape, by sharing myths and legends, ceremony and songs!


The walk will take 2 hours and needs sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing for the weather of the day. Start in front of the Town Hall!