Mara Freeman

Mara Freeman


Mara Freeman, M.A., is an internationally recognised British author and teacher of Celtic wisdom and the Western Mystery Tradition, which she has taught for over thirty years. Her first book, Kindling the Celtic Spirit, (Harper, 2001) has been hailed as the best modern introduction to Celtic spirituality and sacred traditions. A second book, Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition (Inner Traditions, 2014) has been called ” a Celtic literary temenos of our time, a sacred space, in which to further explore one’s own inner journey and transformation.”


While living in California for 28 years, Mara lectured and gave workshops throughout the United States, as well as leading retreats and pilgrimages in Britain and Ireland. Mara is director of the Avalon Mystery School, a three-year training programme in the Arts of Sacred Magic. A licensed psychologist, psychic and astrologer, Mara also offers personal consultations in the Celtic tradition of Anamcara, or soul-guidance work. Mara now divides her time between the hallowed bournes of Glastonbury and West Wales. Mara’s latest book is: Sacred Rose: The Soul’s Path to Beauty and Wisdom (Troubador Books, 2023).




Dion Fortune: Keeper of the Glastonbury Grail


When Dion Fortune came to Glastonbury around 1920, she experienced visions of the great spiritual force that fuels this sacred landscape as a constant downpouring of transcendent light, flowing unceasingly from a crystal chalice high above the Tor. As part of her magical order, the Community of the Inner Light, she founded the ‘Church of the Graal’ patterned on her belief in an ‘ancient Keltic Church’ that originated in Glastonbury and which, although no longer present in the physical world, is ‘eternal in the heavens.’ It was designed for seekers to follow ‘the Way of the Graal’ as a spiritual quest.

Keepers of the Grail: Healing the Wasteland, Without and Within. 


The healing presence of radiantly beautiful Otherworld women weave in and out of the medieval legends of the Holy Grail. Originally they were the violated Maidens of the Wells who withdrew from our world into the hidden realms where lies the castle of the wounded Fisher King. They hold the key to the remedial power of the Sacred Feminine that will redeem the land which has been made barren by war and violence, transforming the Wasteland into a Court of Joy. We will dive deep into these profound Mysteries through inner journeying and exercises to explore how we too can work with the Grail as an instrument of healing in our lives and in our world today.