Makgati Mokwena – The Goddess Web

Makgati Mokwena – The Goddess Web


Dr. Makgati Mokwena –  “I am a modern-day Pilgrim, oftentimes stumbling my way through life, distracted by this world that is too much with us, but determined to remove this veil of untruth so that I can wake up to who I Really Am. My work centres on personal transformation and freedom, and the search for Truth. As such it references the inner world of the self-in-relation. My offering in this respect has the primary intention of reconnecting individuals with themselves, and ultimately with an appreciation of self as part of something much bigger. This connection serves to rouse and emancipate one from the deep and intractable conditioned upbringing that bestows a particular identity upon the self. 


My work therefore is about radical Self-reclamation, and is based  upon the appreciation of humanity’s interdependence with other humans as well as with nature’s varied permutations. The paradigm I hold is appreciative and strength-based, where I believe that all human beings are oriented towards expansion, and dare I say, self-realisation. Drawing upon this inner space can directly contribute towards the opening into and transformation of the context within which one finds oneself. I make use of rigorous self-inquiry and reflection as tools for the exploration and understanding of self and other. Meaning and purpose (or the search thereof) form a cornerstone of this framework. 


My employment in the corporate sector extends to facilitation on Leadership Development Programmes, serving different layers of leadership. A few of my past and current clients include The Human Sciences Research Council, Standard Bank, GlobelEq, South African, Magnet Theatre, Allan Grey, The University of Johannesburg, The Mothertongue Project, Aephoria Partners, The Johannesburg Business School, The University of Stellenbosch, The Graduate School of Business, The University of Cape Town, Zeppelin University,  and many others.”



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Daughters of the Healing Spirits; Daughters of the Healing Waters


A 25 minute pre-recorded online prayer and ritual presentation created collaboratively by Aja Marneweck, Makgathi Mokwena and Rah Nomvula Busby (as well as other healers and priestesses) in the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town South Africa.